4 Short Films You Need To Watch This National Short Film Day

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Recently, short films, which typically run under 40 minutes long, have fascinated us. Viewers can find them everywhere from Netflix to YouTube. Here are four impactful films that you should know about this Short Film Day. 

1. Anxiety by Michael D. Smigiel, Jr.

This short film touches on an issue that many young adults currently face: anxiety. Throughout our twenties, we realize that every time others expect us to do something important, we doubt ourselves. However, this film reminds us that regardless of our pasts, we can overcome our negative thought processes.

The film’s representation of anxiety is a character who follows the protagonist everywhere (played by the same actress as the lead). Overall, the film’s editing, characters, and cinematography all shed light on the life of a young adult who faces difficulties with anxiety. However, at the end, the protagonist feels more confident in her abilities. 

2. NADIA by Teddy Nygh 

When you first watch NADIA, it will immediately touch your heart. The devastating film highlights the effects of homelessness and poor housing conditions.

Throughout the film, you’ll notice that Nadia, the protagonist, constantly struggles in her relationships after she’s forced to move out of her home. But once her teacher realizes the gravity of Nadia’s situation, he comes to her rescue. In this film, you’ll see how society perceives homeless children and be reminded that kindness and care matters. 

3. A Social Life by Kerith Lemon

Social media is one of the hottest film topics, especially considering the ways that it masks real life. Filtering, photo-editing software, and post-processing are all compelling aspects of social media to analyze in film

A Social Life, which writer and director Kerith Lemon created depicts the deception that social media presents. At one point in the film, the protagonist photographs her running shoes and writes a caption about working out. But after she takes the photo, instead of continuing her workout regimen, she stops it. Every action the film subjects take reveal the lies beneath social media posts. Therefore, this film shows the red flags of social media usage

4. If We Love by Paul and Arianna Myzia

This film touches on a variety of themes, from depression to love. A series of montages and cross-cuts show the protagonist’s journey from sadness to salvation from her troubles. 

The film reminds us that even seemingly insignificant events can be more impactful than we perceive them to be. It also sends the powerful message that even when we feel alone, there’s always someone who’s willing to hold your hand on your journey. 

These short films are very different, but they all showcase important aspects of modern society and have themes of unity and love. Today, on National Short Film Day, watch some of these shorts. You’ll learn lessons that you’ll want to carry into the new year and beyond.

Featured Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash.


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