Young And Rebellious: How The ‘Me’ Generation Is Actually Changing The World

Each generation has something that they’re known for. Whether it be their amazing war efforts or their unforgettable style, there’s always one stand out thing that sets them apart from every other generation. In Generation Y’s case, it’s our rebellion.

From politics to sexual orientation, Generation Y is the one who goes against the grain in all aspects. We challenge aspects of life that our elders didn’t. We aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions. We don’t stop until the job gets done. And for that, we have earned a bad reputation.

But while others sit back and gawk at the way we do things, our generation is too busy pushing towards their dreams and showing the world that we’re here. This leaves us as the black sheep of our families, communities, and friend groups.

We’re different. We dress for ourselves and not others, constantly push the rules, and find new ways to think. Together we trade tradition for passion. We show people every day that we won’t settle, and that often leaves us as outsiders to the world that we live in. Things aren’t how they used to be when it comes to marriage, career choices, and the way we choose to live our lives. With our families and older generations constantly criticizing the way we live, we don’t let our black sheep ways bog us down. That is what makes our generation so powerful.

You see it all the time on the news. Politics are changing. Technology is expanding. Health is more booming than ever. Because of our generation’s way of thinking outside the box and not falling into the same flow as everyone else, the world is now an open conversation. Our generation is changing the world.

Sure, there are problems in society. But every single day, our generation is able to show people that doing things in a different way won’t corrupt the world. What some see as rebelling, we see as inspiring others to think from other perspectives. We challenge others to mimic our black sheep ways, if only for a second, to improve the world.

But this often leaves us sitting in hot water with our parents, grandparents, and even some friends. People see us as stubborn and egotistical. They find it easy to blow off our ideas for childish dreams. That’s what’s great about Generation Y, we accept what others think but don’t let it slow us down.

Fear is a huge factor in life, and Generation Y-ers know that. We aren’t afraid to look fear in the eyes and challenge it. While other generations had a plan to beat fear by settling down at an early age and having families, we yet again go against the norm. We don’t let our fears define us. You see us working multiple jobs just to continue doing what we love, we follow our passions and that will be our legacy.

So while people sit there and call us crazy for doing things our own way, we continue to inspire others, stand together, and show the world why we’re here. We don’t need gold stars or pats on the back for trying, we are able to give ourselves the pep-talks and criticism needed to become better at whatever we do.

There’s no doubt that Generation Y will continue to get beat down for our black sheep ways, but that won’t stop us. Together we’re showing the world that we’re here for a reason, and our legacy will live on. We won’t stop until we’re living our dreams, and we can only hope that other generations can learn from our bravery. The black sheep generation is here to stay.

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


  1. simply pathethic: that is what defines the Y generation.

    You bark like dogs, but what you achieve, what you admit and what you do are not great.


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