5 Purr-fect Ways To Celebrate National Black Cat Day

People around the world believe black cats are bad luck, but we believe the superstition needs to end. Today we decided to shed a light on National Black Cat Day. October 27th celebrates the beauty of these sleek creatures — today we raise awareness on the low adoption rates for black cats. 

Here are five ways you can celebrate! 

1. Adopt a black cat.

This is the ideal time to bring home a furry feline if you plan on adopting a pet. Besides, with National Black Cat looming, it’s a great opportunity to bring home a cat and bestow him with all the love and care he so richly deserves. And remember, it will be your responsibility to keep your cat healthy and safe at all times.

2. Light up social media.

If you are a parent to a black cat, be proud, and show them off on social media. Take cute pictures of your cat, and let the world know how proud you are of being a pet parent. Also, social media can be used to raise awareness about National Black Cat Day. So make sure to include #NationalBlackCatDay on your social media posts.

3. Do something special for your cat.

A special day calls for something special, doesn’t it? So, if you are a proud parent to a black cat, make him feel special on National Black Cat Day. It could be anything from cooking him his favorite meal to taking him for a lovely ride in your car or going on a nice long walk. You could also pamper him with goodies such as buying him new toys to play with or a basket full of his favorite cat treats.

4. Donate to charities.

If you don’t have any cats and aren’t considering getting one anytime soon, it doesn’t mean you can’t take an active part in celebrating this holiday. The best way to be a part of this special day is by donating to a cat shelter. Donations are a great way to show your love for animals.

5. Encourage others to adopt a cat.

While you’re busy celebrating National Black Cat Day with your feline buddy, it’s also important for you to encourage others to adopt black cats. Encourage your neighbors and others to adopt and tell them how amazing and beautiful it feels to take care of one.

National Black Cat Day has gained a lot of prominence over the years and it continues to be one of the widely celebrated occasions in the US. We hope you too will be celebrating this special holiday the right way!

Featured image via Helena Lopes on Pexels


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