Get Motivated: 10 Women Share What Inspires Them The Most

There are certain things everyone simply needs to survive. Food, water, and oxygen are all very obvious physical needs. But sometimes, we neglect the emotional things that are equally important, if not more so. One of the most important aspects of creating a fulfilling life, is finding your inspiration.

Inspiration is what keeps us going when the days get long and we’re completely drained. Being inspired can change your entire life. It can even save your life because it offers many people something worthwhile.

Inspiration gives us purpose.

Every person has to find their own source for it. Some of us randomly stumbled upon it, some of us sought it out and never gave up until we found it, and many of us are still searching or waiting to discover that one thing that motivates their goals.

Talking about being inspired can often be enough to help others find their way. It’s a chain reaction that we should really celebrate and seek opportunities to set in motion. However, it’s not often that you get a conversation where someone is truly able to expose the deep part of themselves where inspiration lies.

I decided to ask women what their inspiration is in hopes that it would create the beginnings of that beautiful chain reaction. Here are some of their responses:

My older brother, the abstractness and acceptance of the space industry, Audrey Hepburn, birds.
– Anonymous, 20

Women who are leaders in the business world.
– Alexi, 25

My friends and community at my church.
– Rachel, 19

Despite the hardships so many people face in a daily basis, seeing how people still treat each other with dignity and respect inspires me.
– Chantal, 23

People who prove there is still some good left in the world.
– Megan, 22

The dreams I had when I was younger. My mom always taught me to dream big and my dad taught me to go for those dreams.
– Anonymous, 20

Life, as cliché as it may sound it’s true. Life is incredible on any given day you can write something that blows your mind, you can move across the world or jump out of a plane. The possibilities are endless and to me that’s incredible and inspirational.
– Becca, 21

The feelings that I’ve felt towards anything that I confront each day.
– Rara, 21

I’m inspired by the earth. Sometimes I go out into nature and am just in awe of its beauty. Then I’m reminded that Earth only gives, never takes away. Our job as human beings, living on this Earth should be to take care of it, and to follow in its path by giving more than we take.
– Heidi, 24

Strong females – Whether it be around me or well-known. Seeing a female being strong and doing what they set out to do is inspirational and empowering.
– Kristen, 28

Truth be told, I haven’t totally figured out what really inspires me. I know many things that motivate me or make me happy. I know many people who have shown strength that reminded me of my own abilities to carry on through difficult things. I’d like to believe some of the things I’ve overcome have inspired others because I believe we’re all capable of that.

Finding out what inspired others showed me a lot about what truly matters. Not a single person was inspired by money or material items. What inspires these women is the world they live in and the beauty all around them. Or they’re inspired by people who are successful against the odds. Some are even inspired by their own courage, which is an amazing thing. The fact is, we can all find something to love in the world around us and the people we meet. Maybe we simply have to be open to it and inspiration will come to us all on it’s own.

Featured image via Oziel Gómez on Pexels


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