Why You Shouldn’t Have To Wait To Be Loved

Just wait for me, I’ll come back to you I promise. Just wait for me.

I learned love like “wait for it.”

As in wait for him to come save you. Wait for him to show up on that white horse and carry you off into the sunset love. The storybook waiting that leads to the happy ending. Because that’s how it works, right? The reward for the princess going through hell, meaning having to be locked in a tower or under a sleeping curse, is that she ends with the prince. She gets him by waiting her turn. By downplaying her life. By painting the picture that life starts once he arrives. He is the goal. He is the trophy worth waiting on.

Meaning wait for him to come back. He left because he had to. He left because he needed to. He left because he could and he assumed that you would be there waiting for him once he came back. So that’s what you did. You waited for him to come back. To walk through the door and back into your life again. You wait for him to show up again and pick up where everything left off.

Like, wait for him to be over her. She’s nothing. Just a fling. He loves you. He always has, always will right? That’s what he promised you after all. He is only trying to figure things out. He needed someone that would make his life simpler instead of more complex. He needed someone that was there. He needed someone who he could see every night not just once a month. And she can give him all of that but really he needs you. Really he loves you. Really all he is doing is asking you to be patient and wait on him to figure out what he wants in life and you know that the answer will be you. He will want you once he sees how dedicated you are. He will want you once you have waited for him to be done with her.

Wait for him to decide he’s ready to date you. He’s just not ready to commit right now. He still needs to live his life. Needs to be wild for a little bit. Needs to take in everything and be his one person. But one day, one day if you are patient enough. If you are good enough. If you wait for him for long enough he will finally decide he wants to actually date you right? He will realize that he needs you to be his all the time instead of just late at night when he’s drunk and lonely.

Wait for him to realize he loves you.

Wait for the “right one” to fall in love with. Wait for the one you are going to marry. Wait for- Well what if I was meant to fall in love with the wrong one? What if I had to love the wrong one so that I knew how to love the right one the right way. What if the “right one” doesn’t need me to wait on him. What if love doesn’t have to mean wait for it.

I learned love like “wait for it.” And I didn’t realize how twisted that was until I loved you. I didn’t have to wait around for you to love me, you just did. You were just there with no strings attached. No neither of us were really looking for the other and it might not be a fairytale storybook dreamy scene but I would pick what we have over waiting for him any day. You didn’t make me prove my worth. You didn’t need me to wait on you. You were here now and that was all we needed.

Featured image via Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash


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