National Dog Day: Stop And Give Some Extra Love To The Dogs Today

August 26 is National Dog Day.

National Dog Day, which animal advocate Colleen Paige started in 2004, focuses on raising awareness about how many shelter dogs there are, adopting dogs, and giving our own furry friends as much love as possible. In honor of this day, many of us look back at how our dogs evolved from feral wolves into our best friends.

While friends come and go, dogs will always be there for us.

After all, our furry four-legged friends constantly show us kindness and unconditional love. There’s nothing like coming home to happy dogs that look at us adoringly and greet us with their happy faces and wagging tails. And our dogs are great listeners, too – they’re always here to hear our problems, and unlike humans, they’ll never judge us. They’ll just cuddle up with us and give us their time and their snuggles as we pet them and vent to them about our problems.

Our relationship with our dogs always brings us comfort and positivity.

Only our dogs will chase every ball we throw, happily gnaw on treats we make, help us relieve stress, and lick us when we feel sad or stressed. Everything our dogs do melts our hearts, even when they do things that we specifically tell them not to do. It’s impossible not to love them, even when they chew up our shoes, bark at our friends, or lovingly jump on everyone they meet. They’re still “good boys” and “good girls” no matter what.

In the spirit of National Dog Day, if you have room in your home and your heart for a dog, give one a loving home. This year is an especially good time to adopt a dog because COVID-19 has left plenty of animals in shelters, and if you’re working from home, you’ll have lots of time to devote to your new family member. So take a dog home, feed it, love it, and give it the care it may not have had for most of its life. But remember to adopt, not shop – shelters are overflowing, and those dogs need good homes!

So be a hero, and if you can, adopt a dog in honor of National Dog Day.

And if you already have a dog, give your furry friend belly rubs, ear scratches, and snuggles. There’s no better way to celebrate man’s best friend than to be a friend to our dogs!

Featured Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash.



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