7 Reasons Dog Owners Make The Best Romantic Partners

Many of us have dogs or cats. I, in particular, have a dog. He’s a miniature schnauzer, and I love him to death.

So why are puppy lovers the best people to date? Here are 7 reasons why, both as a dog owner and the girlfriend of one:

1. We have big hearts when it comes to our partners, just like we do our pets.

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I know first hand that having a boyfriend who’s a dog lover is awesome because having a pet has made his heart more special. You can see it in the way he loves his pooch.

2. We’re very passionate about the people around us.

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Dog lovers are very loveable people because our dogs have made us that way from the day we brought our dog home. Since then we have become so passionate about things including our relationships, and we have more patience when it comes to hearing each other out.  

3. We’re very playful.

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Let’s face it, dogs made us playful and we’re always looking for ways to be flirtatious. When it comes to the dogs, our partners love us more mainly because, if we want to be romantic we cuddle up with the dogs and watch the notebook together.

4.  We’re typically adventurous and fun.

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C’mon, let’s be honest: having a dog could led you to have a fun filled day of adventure, for example, my boyfriend always calls me with adventures to tell about his Daisy Duke, as he calls her, and how she licks him and drives him crazy.

5. We are patient.  

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We have to train dogs and take the time to take care of  our dogs needs and just like our partners. I know with my boyfriend, he has a lot of patience  because of his dog and I love that about him. He is willing to hear me out with all my problems.

6. We tend to be more cautious about the circumstances of certain situations.

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As a dog owner, I’ve always been more cautious about situations and I’ve always been careful about my surroundings and what I do mostly toward others, so I think that’s a plus.

7. We tend to be more on the soft side.

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We’re softies who quickly forgive because we have dogs. I know when my miniature schnauzer does something that upsets me, I just take one good look at him and forgive him. So in having a dog, I learn to let the petty crap go.

Overall, I truly think having a dog makes us the perfect catch. We’re passionate people with lots of love to go around. Plus, we have dogs… what’s there not to love about that?

Feature Image by Julia Nobre from Pexels


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