Why Being ‘Unfriended’ Actually F*cking Sucks

Nothing comes as shocking as finding out someone deleted you off of any social media platform, especially when you had a strong history with that person and you have had a huge role in each other’s lives.

It freaking hurts.

It hurts because you thought that you had made such an impact on that person and when they unfriend you or unfollow you, it makes you question why. Did you do something wrong to hurt them? Didn’t they care about you anymore? Was I a bad person? All of those are valid questions to be asking yourself.

If someone cut ties with you and you weren’t that close anyway, who cares? You know? There is no reason to be upset because it just happened. It’s no great loss in your life. But it’s the friendships that mattered to you that sting the worse when you notice it at first.

Being unfollowed on Instagram hurts because it’s as though they don’t want to see what you are doing in life. They simply don’t care. And that hurts. Do they not like seeing you fabricate this excellent life? Maybe you post too much? You’ll never know why. But they don’t care to see it anymore.

Snapchat is the reality of things these days on social media. They see it instantly. And when you are deleted it hurts because it means you’re annoying them post by post. And the worst is that sometimes if they deleted you, you can still see their posts so you think everything is normal until one day you go to chat and can’t, or just check. Once that number under their snapcode is gone, so is your friendship.

Facebook is where all your old friends and family are. Even if you don’t make contact a lot you still have access to each other and can reach out or see how or what they are doing. It hurts to be unfriended because it means they genuinely want nothing to do with you.

If you ended a relationship with a person I get that, because why would you want to see your ex living life without you? Especially if one of you were left heartbroken? My problem lies with the friendships. Those hurt the most.

You could spend years with someone and out of nowhere, you feel this pin of rejection, as though you are suddenly worthless to them. You are an insignificant ass hair they just don’t care about. And it hurts when you used to be something much more.

If someone genuinely wanted you in their life they would make the effort to have you in it. And the fact they deleted your existence says it all. They don’t care about you anymore and you’ll very soon be forgotten.

All of those late night phone calls or FaceTimes, all of those drunken texts and breakdowns, all of the day long conversations are forgotten about to them. But not you. You mean nothing to them, and you weren’t worthy of an explanation why and never will get one. You just drifted like two ships in the night as if nothing had ever happened.They left without your memory of existence, and you are left with a broken heart and one less person you thought you could rely on.

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