6 Things to Remember When Picking Your Bridesmaids

It’s that time of year again, wedding season! The flowers are blooming, your ring is catching everyone’s eye after the engagement, and then begin the questions. When is the wedding? Do you have a theme? And most importantly: 

Who are your bridesmaids?

Most of us have planned out our weddings since we were probably nine or ten. Obviously, over the years things change. You mentally make a note on colors you love now versus then and friends that you have made from attending different schools. But here comes the stressful part, picking your tribe.

Now there is no “perfect” number when it comes to a bridal party. But here are some things to keep in mind to possibly help you determine who is going to stand beside you on your wedding day!

1. Being in someone’s wedding doesn’t mean you have to reciprocate.

 This one seems harsh, but hear me out. You may have been a bridesmaid for someone when you were in your early twenties and now you two no longer talk. I highly doubt that girl is going to PM you after seeing your engagement photos, demanding a spot next to you.

2. Your Maid or Matron of Honor does not have to be your sister(s). 

Nowadays, women are having two maid of honors, typically because one is a sibling and the other is a best friend. You do not have to make your sister the obligatory MOH. She will just be excited to share your day with you and odds are she isn’t thinking of having you as hers when she’s engaged!

3. If you have “too many friends,” consider some to be in your bridal shower party. 

There can come a time where you have twelve really good friends but can’t imagine having all of them up on stage with you. The ones you choose not to walk down the aisle can still be a part of the party! 

They can also help with the bridal shower planning and other festivities you’ll have along the way. This certainly helps with those who may live out of state or who have kids if they’re unable to attend every event leading up to the big day.

4. Pick women who are going to match your energy. 

We have all kinds of friends who are extroverted, introverted, or somewhere in between. You want to make sure that the girls you’re selecting are going to be excited with you! Be sure they want to help and will throw out suggestions, not cause drama or make something about them.

5. Yes, men can be on your side too. 

There is nothing wrong with having guys stand by your side! There may be some changes when it comes to the parties and certain events, but if your best friend is a guy or group of guys, do not be shy! Ask them. You’ll be glad you did!

6. Having a mix of older and newer friends is totally okay. 

You’re going to be bringing in girls from all different times of your life. From college, to your first job, to maybe even the girl who grew up on your street. Don’t worry about if they’ll get along. We’re women! Of course we can all find something in common. It’s not a competition of who’s known you the longest. They’re here to help make your day special!

Remember, this day is about you! Ultimately, you are the one getting married that day. If you decide you want a small wedding with two girls standing beside you, no problem. If you want to go all out and have ten girls who all said yes, have fun! Being a bridesmaid is an exciting time and can bring all sorts of women together who can develop new and lasting friendships.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash


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