It’s Time To Put Down Your Phone And Send A Damn Postcard

No one writes letters to their friends and family anymore; we all send text messages and emails. Some people say that snail mail wastes paper while others just find electronic communication more convenient. However, I personally believe that sending postcards or letters can feel so much more meaningful than text messages. In fact, sending postcards allows you to share memories, provide friends with keepsakes, and start fun conversations.

Postcards allow us to start creative conversations. When you take a moment to jot down a short story about your vacation or business trip, it lets your loved ones into the smaller moments of your life. Your friends and family members can savor these mementos and keepsakes from exotic lands. Then, they can call you and ask about your trip in more detail.

Receiving a postcard in the mail will excite the recipient. Where letters may quickly get tossed, postcards provide fun collectables for people to cherish. If you travel frequently enough, family members may even hold onto these cards and put them into a scrapbook.

More importantly , postcards will  let people know you’re thinking of them, and you can even share why they’re on your mind. You never know just how much a simple note might brighten someone’s day or even inspire them. 

Furthermore  postcards can serve as a learning tool for many Gen Zers. With so much focus on digital communication, many young adults don’t practice good, old fashioned handwriting nearly enough. We also take technology for granted and forget how other communication processes like the postal system actually work. When we take the time to mail a postcard, we can experience all of these valuable lessons at once.

So, it’s time for our generation to put down their phones and start a postcard revolution. You never know when your simple greeting may start a chain reaction that impacts the lives of many. Once people understand that postcards are not merely a reminder of someone’s vacation but a way to share your experiences with others and let them know you’re thinking of them, I think more of us will start mailing them again. It’s time to share the little moments with each other again and really connect, so let’s all start sending postcards!

Feature Image by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


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