What I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Moved Out On My Own

Moving out of your family home is a scary but exciting moment in life. You are excited to start the next chapter and now that you’ve become independent you are still scared for those curveballs life throws at you. Everyone has to do it eventually, it is a part of adulting, but here are a few tips that I wish I learned before I took the jump to live on my own.

Independence is a bitch but a good bitch

Yes growing up sucks, but nothing feels better than having your sink clogged and being able to grab that wrench and unclog it yourself. Yes, it is expensive to live on your own but coming home to a place you can say you have earned every inch of the apartment makes that job feel like a happy place. It makes you feel like what you are doing in life is good and actually, matters. You finally realize independence is a bitch but a good bitch.

Coming home is so hard and you won’t want to leave

Everyone knows coming home from being away for a while is a fun and exciting time but you are the center of attention and that attention only lasts for a little while. You have to realize you being away makes you learn so much about yourself and until you feel accomplished with your growth and who you are now, then you can go back home to stay.

Budgeting is easy if you do it right

Since I was so young when I moved out I never really had to budget. I didn’t have credit card bills to pay off or a car payment, so budgeting was somewhat new to me. I realized budgeting is what kept me here on my own in the first place. I would budget myself from eating out – unless it was free – I would buy groceries every other week so that I could save myself from gaining a lot of weight and from eating everything within that week. I had a schedule and I stayed to that schedule. I made charts and lists that kept me on track. That is how I am still here with money in my bank account.

It’s hard but totally worth it

People always asked me “are you ready to be all on your own,” “ aren’t you scared,” and it always confused me but I said the same response every time… “I am scared but it is a part of life, it will happen eventually, so why not do it now;” they always looked at me with a sense of happiness but a sense of worriedness too. You see I thought the only different thing from living at home to living on my own was the money. I thought that would be the large factor. It is not. Do not get me wrong, I like living on my own but it gets boring, it gets lonely and no one ever pointed out the obvious. I wouldn’t change what I did because I have learned so much about myself which is why it was worth it but to anyone who is thinking about moving out of their family home, move out but be close to people you know. It makes life so much easier.

For me, I moved across the country and although I had an aunt and uncle here, it still gets lonely. When you are best friends with your siblings and have a very close relationship with your dad, stepmom, and mom, it is hard to leave your family and be that far away.

It is hard, but worth it. My advice to anyone moving out is do it, move out of that family home – if you can afford it – but start off moving not very far away. Make sure you can go home if you need to or they can come to you. These are only a few tips to survive on your own but they help so much. If you are moving out on your own seriously take these into consideration, it makes a hell of a difference.

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