This Is The Only Way To Make Meaningful Connections

Friendships have a massive impact on our overall health and happiness. In fact, good friends allow us to relieve stress, provide comfort in times of need, and prevent us from feeling lonely. However, deep friendships are rare. Developing deep and meaningful relationships becomes increasingly harder as we grow.

Over the years we tend to build up walls to protect our hearts not just in a romantic relationship but in our friendships as well. However, allowing ourselves to open our hearts can really allow us to grow our social circle and develop deep connections with others.

Why Friends Are So Crucial For Our Overall Well-Being

It seems like our society continues to place a large emphasis on romantic relationships. In fact, we find ourselves thinking that as soon as we find the perfect person, we will be happy and fulfilled. However, placing all of this happiness on a romantic partner can really hinder your emotional well-being. However, cultivating friendships that contribute towards your happiness can provide the same emotional desires that we think a romantic partner needs to provide.

Developing close friendships can also have a powerful impact on our physical health as well. Lack of social connection can be just as damaging as smoking or drinking too much. Having deep connections with others improves your mood, helps you reach your goals, reduces your chances of developing depression, supporting you through the tough times in your life, and boost your overall self-esteem. Finding a group of people that understand who you are at the core is essential for living a healthy life.

What To Look For In A Friend

Finding friends as adults is hard. However, just like in romantic relationships, just choosing someone to be your friend because you don’t want to be lonely can be even more detrimental than not having a close friend. You want to find someone who shows a genuine interest in what is going on in your life. There needs to be a soul connection with this person in order for a deep and meaningful relationship to evolve and blossom.

Focus On The Feelings

Ideally, you have an open heart and are free to make new connections with people. Unfortunately, we are not all made that way. Over the years, we may have had friendships that have ended for one reason or another. Maybe we were the bad friend in the relationship or we got hurt by a former friend and have closed our hearts off to new people. It can be extremely difficult for people to put themselves out there. In fact, many people who have been betrayed by a former friend avoid putting themselves out there in social situations because their fear overtakes them.

Changing your perspective on making new friends can be the light bulb moment that brings the right people into your life. As a result, focusing on opening your heart is the only way that other people can really get to know who you are. Don’t let fear stop you from living your best life.

For Great Friendships, Be A Great Friend

It is always easier to blame someone else when a friendship goes sour. In fact, identifying the role that we played in the ending of a friendship can be too emotional for many of us to handle. However, not being able to notice your own faults will only cause you to make the same mistakes in your friendships over and over again. Focusing on how you can be a better friend is one of the best ways to ensure that healthy friendships are maintained.

Opening our hearts is terrifying. But without letting people in there is no way for us to develop and cultivate deep and meaningful relationships. Choose to let go of the fears that are blocking you from being open and see what amazing people begin to show up in your life!

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