Why Writing Is More Than Just Words On A Paper

Writing is a way of creative release. When it comes to writing a letter or a blog post, some people pour their whole heart and soul onto the pages of their own creation. It’s perfectly normal and safe to write every once in awhile for fun, or even to have a passion for writing. Where would most websites, Unwritten included, be without a few people who loved to write and share their thoughts?

My friends have come to know me as the girl of many hobbies, after my father: the true man of many hobbies. All throughout high school, it seemed that every week I would fall in love with something new to pass the time. From arts and crafts to musical instruments, I would try it all. Nobody ever said I had to be an expert at any one, in particular, I just wanted to give it all a shot. It’s not a huge surprise to anybody that upon seeing the movie Zootopia, I fell in love with Shakira’s song, “Try Everything.”

Even after trying so many activities from my “Try Everything” bucket list, I always found myself coming back to writing. I feel at home whenever I catch myself drafting blog posts, news articles, emails, notes, or letters. There was one time in high school where I was assigned a project where I had to create a presentation and a report about the history of typewriters; I didn’t have any complaints as I found it to be a fascinating project, no matter how huge the report.

There is almost no similar experience to compare to sharing letters with pen pals. From a simple online greeting or first putting pen to paper, my pen pals have each changed my life in their own little ways. The best part of having pen pals from around the world is that little bit of culture exchange that comes with each friendly surprise waiting in the mailbox. Writing letters with someone takes a lot of time with postal travels, but it’s always worth the wait since so much happens between each correspondence. With each letter comes a new story and an even closer friend!

Sometimes journaling or blogging can help improve the mental health or stress levels of people who need it. Rather than pouring out thoughts and feelings into teardrops, ink on pages and marks across web pages can be the release someone needs to feel at ease with him/herself. Just writing about the events, or lack thereof, of each day, can help keep memories and feelings to appear to be more organized than the idle entropy of bottling things up.

If you think that writing could be for you, give it a shot! You don’t have to be any specific type of writer to be considered ‘good’ at writing. As long as you write for you, you are a writer. If you wish to join a community of writers, the internet is your playground. If by some chance you wish to write within the realm of the Millennial lifestyle, maybe Unwritten is for you (apply here)! Whether you are or wish to be, a writer, you have the potential to be a legacy – all you have to do is start.

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  1. The most important element of writing work is the transfer, transfer of emotions. You do not just write words on paper, you are trying to broadcast the ideas that you have had, your readers.
    According to the essay writer Susan Sontag, “the story must touch for the living – first of all, I myself. The heart should start pounding faster with the sounds of the first lines. I’m just shaking at the thought that it may not work. ”
    If you can not write regularly, your emotions about the book will begin to fade. When writing work becomes similar to work, it’s like a “kiss of death”, according to King. He advises to move from the word to the Word.

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