5 Reasons You Should Do Some Research On Your New Boo

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The first few months of a new relationship should be about boundless passion for your boo and an inner need to spend every waking second together. However, this stage can also come with some uncertainty. After all, just how much do you really know about that person at this point?

The answer to this question is: not much. Now, if you aren’t willing to take your sweet time learning about your partner, there are other options. Namely, you can run various online searches. For some, though, this can seem like a rather drastic step. If you are still on the fence about such a process, here are some reasons that may convince you to do a little bit of research.

1. You Meet People in Different Ways Now

Once upon a time, most people met through friends, co-workers, the local community, or even family members. As a result, you could feel fairly confident that your new boo was a dependable person. After all, they had been “vetted” by quite a few reliable people already. 

These days, though, things have changed quite a bit. This is because around 40 percent of couples now meet through online dating apps. So, for the most part, these individuals start as complete strangers. In such instances, it is understandable to have an external source to verify some details about the person you are dating. Otherwise, you will simply be forced to rely on the information your partner provides you with. 

2. You May Be Enabling an Adulterer

It doesn’t matter which way you slice it, a portion of married people do indeed cheat on their partners. Since you are not married, you may think that such statistics don’t apply to you. However, what if you are the unwitting “side piece” in their relationship?

If you want to prevent any chance of this heartbreak, it is best to get such issues out of the way early on. A quick search should often be enough to reveal such a crucial detail. 

3. Most People Won’t Reveal Dark Details 

There is also the fact that most people will not reveal the truly dark secrets of their past. This is something that can remain true regardless of how long you have been dating them. So, if they decide not to tell you about it, you may never really know every facet of your boo. 

If they are hiding something you really should know about, then such mysteries can become dangerous. You will not know the difference until you do a little digging for yourself.

4. Partners Can Carry More Risk Than You Know

You are probably focused on all the sweet and romantic aspects of your connection when you start a relationship. While you definitely should, it is just as important to be aware of the reality of the situation. For instance, did you know that a partner is more likely to commit a crime against their other half than anyone else?

This is especially true for women. Half of female homicides are committed by someone the woman was in a relationship with. In many cases, such individuals will have a history of abuse or assault. Therefore, by checking arrest records, you will be able to dig up this information on your boo.

5. You Don’t Want to Repeat Previous Mistakes

Let’s face it, there are some people who are terrible “pickers.” This means that time and time again, they end up with the same kind of not-so-great person. If you would like to get out of this rut, then it is time to take some additional, precautionary measures in your relationship. This way, if there are any red flags, they will be revealed sooner than later. 

Sure, running background checks on the person you have just started dating seems a little crazy. However, it could save you heartache or keep you safe. After all, what do you have to lose?

Featured image from @trinitykubassek via Pexels.


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