Why You Shouldn’t Fall For A Girl Like Me

It’s for the best that you ended things when you did. We were right on the edge of something good. We were so close to the fall that life was just about to get interesting. We were in the thick of it and it was going to be now or never. We were so close to the point of no return and I don’t think you would have been able to handle how good it was going to get.

I would have destroyed you.

You wouldn’t be able to look at another girl the same way after I was done with you. You would have been so spoiled in the time that we spent together that no other girl could take my place. Sipping on beer at the baseball game, you wouldn’t have been able to look away. Traveling around, we had no care in the world, you wouldn’t have been able to be afraid. Or even just letting you steal the remote because, babe, you would have always gotten your way.

I would have robbed you.

I would have stolen your heart and never given it back. I would have changed all of your views on love and made you see why every girl before me was not good enough. I would be up for the challenge of your past and ready for your future. I would be ready to meet the folks and hang out with all of your friends. I would have been that girl that you would have been proud to call your girlfriend. I would have been the girl that would want to be a staple in your life, because everything about you is something I want to get to know.

I would have damaged you.

I would have smothered you in the attention and love you always wanted, but also let you have your own life. I would have been the girl that loves having you around, but doesn’t need you there at all times. I would have been the girl that wouldn’t have to ask twice about a night out with the guys or chicken wings for dinner two nights in a row. I would have let you talk me into doing the craziest things like jumping out of a plane or sleeping over on a school night. I would have been the girl that you would have gotten down on one knee for, because I was everything you wanted.

I would have wrecked your view of the world.

You wouldn’t be able to come back from our love. Girls like us, you can’t find again. We are one in a million. We are the ones that you should cherish, yet you let go, because you always think that there is something better. We are the ones that you should be giving a chance, but always find a reason to put on the bench. We are the ones that you always think will be around, but we tend to move on when you aren’t looking. We are the girls that always deserve that chance, because babe, we are the ones that are willing to pick up the broken pieces of the mess the last one left behind.

In the end, it is good that you didn’t fall for a girl like me. I would have destroyed every previous idea you had of love. I would have taken advantage of your heart and made it all mine. I would have turned your world upside down and made you see what love really is. I would have done all that I could do to be that one person to just make you smile. Instead, I am just the best thing you never had.

Featured image via Wictor Cardoso on Pexels


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