How Birth Control Makes Women ‘Crazy And Ugly’

While I am not one to say that I am politically “savvy” or fully comprehending the political world as we know it right now (as most of you probably feel the same way), there are things in the news that catch my eye and make me want to go on a writing rampage to beat people down with my words. I am one of those unique individuals that do not necessarily fall into a Republican or Democrat category. I do however fall into a feminist category and feel the need to stand up for women’s rights when it comes to my vagina. I don’t know, maybe it is the birth control taking over all of my emotions and turning me into an ugly, crazy women.

We all know that our new President and Vice President are pro-life. This means that they keep bringing in more pro-life individuals into the White House and stirring up controversy over laws for abortion and birth control. With that, that means more opinions are coming out of the woodwork against women’s reproductive rights. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I would like to say mine before my ovaries explode from my body and beat an egotistical, dumb ass man (Steve Bannon) who feels the need to cut down on women and their reproductive rights.

The other day on the news, I heard that Steve Bannon (one of President Donald Trump’s right-hand men) oversaw an article a few years ago on the site he was the head of that stated birth control makes women unattractive and turns them into crazy people. Interesting. To elaborate more on the very education article, it stated that birth control makes women’s voice unsexy, makes women have cellulite, makes women mate with the wrong men, makes women unsexual, turns women into a slut and will make you unmanly. While it may be a low blow to ask the man if he himself has ever taken birth control or looked in the mirror, I began to wonder if he was educated enough to understand that women take birth control more than just to prevent showing up on Maury trying to figure out who their baby daddy is. Let me elaborate for all the uneducated men out there that may think this way, what exactly birth control can be used for.

Birth control is used to regulate hormones and periods, because shockingly in most women they are not regular. Birth control is used to help treat acne because our bodies hate us well after our teenage years. Birth control is used to help with menstrual migraines because again, our bodies are torture devices. Birth control is used to help calm endometriosis, a painful disorder that men are so lucky they do not have to worry about. Birth control is used to help with polycystic ovarian syndrome; yet again, another painful disorder men do not have to worry about. Birth control is used to help lower the risk of some types of cancers because that is not a big deal or anything. On top of all of that, birth control is used to help the risk of unwanted pregnancies, because that will make a super ugly woman right there.

I think I can speak for the women of the United States when I say that if anyone tries to take away our reproductive rights, you will see a lot more crazy, ugly women than you will on birth control. The benefits of birth control outweigh the thought process of being ugly. It is absolute insanity to believe that someone this idiotic can be in high power in the White House. Make our voices known ladies and make sure you show them the crazy, ugly women that you can be!

This is just my opinion – You have the right to form your own. Here is the link to the article I am referring to that Steve Bannon oversaw.

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  1. I got here because someone was whining about an article on Breitbart about “Women being unattractive on Birth Control”

    I too am stuck in the middle. I scream at both sides. Then I stop because I realize that part of the reason Yilo is writing the way he does is to try and shock people into a different perspective.

    I am learning Redux and React right now. They are packages in Javascript to make coding web pages easier. I am getting a better handle on the ideas that they are both trying to encompass. The ideas are stacked up over a bunch of years and a bunch of different “best practices”. I can generalize the reasons for Redux and React, but unless my listener has a significant experience with doing work in this area, anything I say is going to disappear from their head before I even open my mouth.

    I might be able to shock them into listening to me.

    I think your response to the piece is coherent and points to good side of hormones.

    I also think that the Breitbart piece was attempting to point at something that can’t quite be pointed at. To put it simply.. There is a cost. No matter what we do there is a cost. Is it worth it? That is the never ending question.

    Conservative should embrace abortion with wide open arms. One of the side effects of abortion is increasing the conservative base. Preventing abortion increases the liberal base. There is a reality in between those two things that we attempt to point at. The conservatives are stumbling over the taking of a life. I cannot with any integrity tell them it is wrong to defend life. On the flip side, I point to the need for the benefit of a decision. Anyone deciding to keep a child, has made the decision. If they are prevented from making the decision, then they are not benefitting from having made the decision. I cannot tell them that they have to make the decision. I cannot discuss with them why they have to make the decision. To do so undermines the benefit of making the decision.

    I have watched several people discuss having stopped taking the pill. Things got better for them when they did. I am not saying it is the right answer. I have experienced the consequence of continuous pill usage. It is not something I can perfectly point at. attempts to point at the consequences. I can’t say he is correct in his presentation. I really really can’t say he is wrong except for a few things where they don’t perfectly line up.

    The angle of perception does matter. One of the flip sides to the discussion is the prevalence of “How to be a dick” and “Pick up artist” scams. You have to squint a little and twist your head, but then the connection shows up. Once again though, it is a connection that if defined in words is wrong because it is really and anti-connection, an undercurrent, or maybe a reflection.

    One of the benefits I have as a white male is insidious. You can fire me for being a white man. You can walk up to me and say “I really don’t like having white men in the work place, you are terminated!” I can’t do jack about it. Those two terms are not protected classes. Everytime protections are put in place for some some group, it gives me a leg up. I always know they they can let me go. The only reason they keep me is because they need me, they don’t have to fear reprisals from me.

    I hope that didn’t wander too much. Trying to point at the middle is hard.


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