How To Choose The Best Cannabis Gift For Your Friend

If you have a friend who smokes weed, you probably often wonder what gift you should get them. There are many creative ways of celebrating the leaf smoker in your life from cannabis flowers’ types to cookies, edibles, and even cannabis extracts. For an idea, check out the following suggestions for gifts that your smoker friend will love. 

1. Cannabis Cookies

If you’re looking for that perfect stoner gift, you should think ‘out of the bong’ and be more creative. Today, cannabis edibles like cookies are rising in popularity and for good reasons. 

For one, there are so many cannabis-infused sweet options that your friend might love to try if he or she has sweet cravings.  

You may want to consider a special batch of cannabis cookies available from different sellers. Some of your friends might also want to share their favorite weed recipes like coconut macaroons that can effectively mask any cannabis taste.

There is also gingersnap cookie with cannabis caramel frosting. Your stoner friend might also appreciate if you’d bake them yourself!   

Another popular choice is chocolate cookie dough truffles infused with cannabis. It’s a simple recipe without eggs and with weed butter and milk, to name some. It is a delicious treat made even tastier when doused in chocolate.

2. Cannabis Bouquet

Lately, you might have seen florists displaying their cannabis bouquets online. They use fresh or dried cannabis stalks for the decorative elements.   

If you want to get your friend a unique gift, you can ride on to the rising trend of using the best Sativa strains decoratively, like in a cannabis bouquet. It is an in-demand table centerpiece for the holidays not just as a gift to a friend.  

For example, you might want to go for purple flowers to match purple strain nugs. On the other hand, nugs that are more on the lime green side can be used as an accent when working with oranges, yellows, and pinks. 

Note: The clients need to buy cannabis ahead and give it to the florist so that he can incorporate it into the bouquet.

3. Cannabis Vape Oil

Now, if you want to give your stoner friend vape oil, you should make sure it comes from a good source. You have to make sure whether the person you’re buying the oil from uses only the flowers and no trimmings, leaves or waste materials in the production process. 

If you’re buying, you might want to contact the licensed producer about the process they use to grow the herbs. It is best to ensure that they’re growing cannabis in a pure and natural way.  

Alternatively, you can buy your friends a cannabis accessory or paraphernalia like dry herb vaporizers or vape pen to add to his/her collection. 

4. Infused Tea

In recent years, more studies and researchers have discovered the benefits of drinking cannabis-infused tea.   

One of its major benefits is that it is a healthier alternative for consuming marijuana since it doesn’t involve burning your lungs. As you may already know, cannabis smoking is detrimental and irritating to the lungs because combustion creates substances like carbon monoxide.

But that’s not an issue with infused teas like green tea. Drinking tea offers a host of health benefits such as antioxidants and hydration. It can also aid in acid reflux, and heartburn as well as eliminate cramps. Infused tea can also help with depression and anxiety for its soothing properties. The THC can reduce stress hormones and enhance mood. 

Especially if your friend is recovering from an injury, surgery or a long illness, you can help him recover faster with infused tea. In addition, it can be used to help in treating drug relapses or alcoholism.

5. Beauty Products

The medicinal herb cannabis can help in cell regeneration and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It can work in addressing a wide range of skin problems like psoriasis, cold sores and acne.

For the same reason, cannabis is now increasingly becoming popular as one of the ingredients in beauty products, which can also assist in inflammation, aging skin, and irritation.

Some beauty products made from this herb can also aid in protecting your skin from damage. So don’t wait! Choose among those cannabis-infused cosmetics like serums, lotions and night creams.

There you have some of the best cannabis gift ideas for your canna-loving friend to choose from. For the best results, know his/her interest and find out which among these cannabis gift ideas to buy.

Featured image via Wesley Gibbs on Unsplash



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