Why You Need To Ditch Society’s False Beauty Standards & Create Your Own

Body image is a funny thing. We judge others based on these superficial standards like “plus-sized” or “too thin.” It’s no wonder that people might think you have developed an eating disorder if you’re not an average weight. The reality is, you should be perfectly happy with the way you look, as long as you are healthy.

The hardest thing to understand regarding body image is the harsh, self-deprecating behavior we often impose upon ourselves.

We should hold ourselves to a reasonable standard, just like we do for others. We need to stop listening to the impossible standards we place on our appearances and instead, turn our focus internally. Sure, living a healthy lifestyle is important, but there’s a huge difference between living healthily and nit-picking our bodies’ perceived flaws.

Our bodies’ unique features individualize us. They’re what sets us apart from everyone else. We need to embrace the unique aspects of our bodies as the beautiful gifts that they are. Not only would changing our mindsets benefit us, but it would also help those around us. If you are a parent, sister, friend, or daughter, embracing your body and all of its parts sets a precedent for all women; both today and in future generations.

Once you change your own frame of mind, you can change others’. Generations to come could finally hold a body image standard that sees everyone as normal and embraces all “imperfections.” We desperately need to teach the next generation to build each other up instead of tearing each other down simply because of how we look.

It’s important to realize that people view body image differently around the world.

In America, we gravitate towards being so focused on aesthetics that we have a self-absorbed image. If we  focus more on people’s feelings and intentions instead of their appearances, though, we could become a more selfless, compassionate culture.

Stop putting yourself down, and start seeing the beauty in your perceived flaws. Ditch those false beauty standards,  and create new ones that mean something to you! It will take time, and it will be difficult, but your effort will be well worth the work. Think of how others would see you if you simply give off powerful, positive energy. You deserve to see yourself the way you truly are. Teach yourself that you are perfectly imperfect.

We need to learn to foster self-love and acceptance, and changing the way we view our bodies would allow us to make this shift. Once you accept yourself and change your body image, you’ll be able to see that even your imperfections make you perfect just the way you are.

Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash


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