Why You Should Always Let A Guy Chase You

Chase at its most basic sense is defined as a challenge, mind games, or playing hard to get. From stone-age times, men were born as hunters; they need to chase something in order to truly appreciate its value. An easy target will never keep them satisfied, in fact, if they get something easy, they’ll wonder if they could’ve gotten something better if they had tried harder. That’s the male psychology since the beginning of time. They really need to work hard to achieve something in order to appreciate it or they don’t feel its true worth. They get innate satisfaction only if they have worked hard towards something and finally gotten it.

Men chase women for two primary reasons. Firstly, it is a great stroke to their ego that they’re chasing a woman who is reciprocating back. The fact that he’s in control and plans things to get with her gives him a major ego boost. Secondly, it’s during the chase that men realize how much they want to/don’t want to be with this specific person. Male psychology dictates that the harder they have to work for something they really want, they more they will appreciate the reward when they get it. Chasing shouldn’t be confused with playing malicious mind games. In fact, I’d call it the wooing part of dating. By no means am I saying that the guy needs to keep chasing the girl without any response from her side, as that accounts for borderline stalking. What I am saying is there needs to be a push and pull from both the guy and the girl, only to keep some mystery in the budding relationship. If the girls put all their cards out in the open, the challenge of the chase is gone and the guy will instantly lose interest once he knows that the girl is interested in him. The girl needs to be the high hanging fruit on the tree that is hard to attain. If a guy gets a girl easily, he will start to think that he deserves better, someone he has to work for and has to earn the right to be with.

In today’s day and age, mature women have come to the point where they want to cut through this chase and be honest about how they feel. They don’t see the point of playing these silly games. Personally, I came from the same school of thought. However, I realized that for guys, the chase is the foundation of something real. Also for a girl, chasing is the time to test the waters, to know for sure if the guy is truly interested in her or if he’s just passing his time. If a guy truly wants to be with you, he will go all out to make you his. But if he’s in it for an ulterior motive or to pass his time, he will be gone before you know it. It’s very important to test the guy, because only then can you filter the serious ones from casual ones.  

By no means am I saying a girl should treat the man badly or be rude with him during the chase, all I am implying is that a chase just means you should make him work hard enough to realize your true worth. It shows a woman how much a man is willing to work just to be with her. We all lead really busy lives in today’s time, so you have to be sure to keep the man intrigued and on his toes to really work for you. If you’re an open book and he isn’t kept wanting more, he will eventually start to get bored and drift away. This is general human tendency; the more effort we put in to figure something out, the more satisfied we are when we find the outcome.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate things that we get easily in life, but we are very prone to taking things we get for granted as well. We all have at least one thing we have really worked hard towards, be it a relationship, grades, purchase of an item, or whatever. We may have things that are worth more in the future, but we will always value what we had worked for the most. 

It all comes down to the want. We are strong individuals; we don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship to survive. However, when a guy wants to be with you (and I mean really be with you), the chase is what gets him hooked and interested. It’s during the chase that both parties get a lot of time to figure out what they want from each other. If we really evaluate the situation, it’s a win-win for everyone. Guys need to chase a girl for them to truly appreciate her worth, and girls get the efforts and wooing they deserve. But remember, there is a very fine line between a healthy chase and playing malicious games, and it’s crucial for both parties to always know the difference.

Featured image via Andrew Welch on Unsplash


  1. “Male psychology dictates that the harder they have to work for something they really want, they more they will appreciate the reward when they get it.”

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Tell me you don’t have a clue how men work without saying it challenge.

  2. You’re totally oblivious to what men want. Do everyone a favor, and do not give crappy advices to your readers.


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