21 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Cuddle Buddy

Whether you found yourself with a plus one this cuffing season, or met your ride or die, it’s important to not show up empty-handed this Valentine’s Day.

In case you missed it, Rom Coms are back, making everybody wanting to feel loved. On top of that, you can’t just get any gift when people are decluttering their homes from the Marie Kondo hype. You need to find an item that will spark joy.

Here are 21 presents to light up this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day gift Vesper vibrator necklace for $69 USD from lovecrave.com
Vesper vibrator necklace, $69 USD, lovecrave.com

Share a naughty secret with your lover by giving them a vibrator disguised as a necklace. It’s handy for couples who travel often and prefer to avoid embarrassment at TSA. Plus, if you’re in a long distance relationship, the Vesper vibrator necklace allows you to give the gift of pleasure from miles away.

Valentine's Day gift Rose quartz crystal pipe for $50 CAD from jjsnacks.ca
Rose quartz crystal pipe, $50 CAD, jjsnacks.ca

If babe likes to get baked, serve them this sexy pipe. It’s made of rose quartz, a crystal that gives off energy to open up the heart chakra, welcoming love.

Everybody loves receiving lingerie as a present. It means sexy time is coming right up!

Valentine's day gift Rosemary & White Pine Soap for $12 CAD from greatcanadianhemp.com

Rosemary & White Pine Soap, $12 CAD, greatcanadianhemp.com

Treat babe to a bath, or shower together using this rosemary & white pine soap. It has avocado oil that will leave you both smooth, moisturized, and ready to touch.

Ever since Call Me By Your Name came out, the peach means more than just the booty. It now symbolizes the connection and longing between two lovers. Let bae know you’re longing for them, especially in bed or in the shower.

Valentine's Day gift Sensual scented soy candle for $20 CAD from sarassoapsandcandles.ca
Sensual scented soy candle, $20 CAD, sarassoapsandcandles.ca

Set the mood for Valentine’s Day by heightening the senses of your lover with this candle. It has hints of patchouli, coriander, natural musk, ylang ylang, orange, and rose, bringing out a sensual side.

Valentine's Day gift Spilt Milk Kanye lighter for $8 CAD from tkvolife.com
Spilt Milk Kanye lighter, $8 CAD, tkvolife.com

What is a candle without a flame? Keep the passion burning by using a lighter that says it all: you love them as much as Kanye loves himself.

Seduce bae the Shakespeare way. Fill up a card with your sexy thoughts and romantic feelings.

Valentine's Day gift Jennifer Rong Designs breasts cufflinks for $40 CAD from etsy.com
Jennifer Rong Designs, Breasts cufflinks, $40 CAD, rongdesigns.com

Your partner no longer has to wear their heart on their sleeve. Now, you can protect their heart by letting them wear your boobs instead.

Valentine's Day gift matte black kaleidoscope iphone case for $40 USD from felonycase.com
Matte black kaleidoscope iPhone case, $40 USD, felonycase.com

Keep your lover’s phone guarded with this stylish case, saving them a trip to the Apple store for repairs. Now, they will have more time to spend with you.

For the sweetheart who likes to get creative with their denim jackets and canvas totes, find them a meaningful pin. Better yet, give one that resembles you and them. Browse tkvolife.com for more pins of sexy fellas.

Valentine's day gift Midnight in Paris purse for $160 CAD from soukh.ca
Midnight in Paris purse, $160 CAD, soukh.ca

Show your date how special they are with this boujee bag. Then treat them to a fancy dinner, because that’s where your boo and classy accessories belong.

Valentine's Day gift vintage roses umbrella for $45 CAD from labella-umbrella.com
Vintage roses umbrella, $45 CAD, labella-umbrella.com

Help bae stay dry by letting them stand under a charming umbrella. Better than any bouquet, this one keeps them from catching a cold in wet, chilly weather.

Get to know each other’s body better by playing with some sex toys. John Mayer didn’t sing “Your Body Is A Wonderland” for nothing.

Valentine's Day gift yellow gold twist ring for $150 CAD from malleablejewellers.ca
Yellow gold twist ring, $150 CAD, malleablejewellers.ca

You like them and you’re ready to put a promise ring on it. Slip this sleek ring onto their finger to seal the deal.

Valentine's Day gift badaboom studio back door keychain for $14 CAD from tkvolife.com
Badaboom Studio back door keychain, $14 CAD, tkvolife.com

Thinking to ask your S.O. to move in on the big day? Take the next step and hand over the keys with this cheeky keychain.

Whatever you choose for your date, we hope it brings you two closer. After all, the 14th is dedicated to celebrating the connection you’ve built and to grow a stronger bond. It could be said, that’s what couples should be doing every day —but that’s not realistic. In this day and age, there are so many distractions, like video games and Instagram. So let the special day provide you the opportunity to refocus. Let the gift express your sincerest emotions.

Have a sexy Valentine’s Day!

Featured image by rawpixel on Unsplash



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