Why You And Your Best Friend Are The Most Annoying People Ever

My friends and I consistently tell each other how funny we are. We send the most ridiculous gifs to each other, get stuck in the most awkward situations and make sure to post about all of it on social media. It wasn’t until recently, however, that we realized that we were perhaps the most annoying group of people on the planet. Despite various eye rolls from classmates, professors, and people on the street, nothing could convince us that we weren’t the funniest people to walk this earth.

We all have that one friend or group of friends that we are extremely over-the-top and annoying with. We can’t go out to a public place without completely embarrassing ourselves and everyone around us. We can’t go a day without talking on the phone or freaking out about something that really isn’t important to anyone else. A normal day with our BFFs begins like this…

The day starts with a funny text from your best friend. “Oh my gosh, I saw _____ last night and she was falling all over the place, and then I ran into my ex and really told him off.”


And the text isn’t enough, so you have to call them. Immediately.


Before you even see them for the first time, you know it’s going to be a great day because you’re seeing each other. Every person you pass on the street looks at you like a crazy person because you’re acting so excited.


When you actually see each other, it’s like it’s been a year. You cause a huge scene, and everyone around you just stares.


When you sit down in class, you know it’s going to be a rough day because right when the teacher says, “good morning,” you get into a fit of giggles.


And all of your classmates and teachers just give you that disapproving look. They’re used to this and there’s nothing they can even do anymore.


As the day starts to wind down, you start talking about the evening’s plans. You head back to your apartment to watch one friend try on an outfit, and it looks perfect.


When it’s finally time to go out, and your outfits are on point…


You realize that your BFF’s roommate wants to come. That’s a big mistake, because little did she realize that you would be talking about inside jokes the entire time.


And then your favorite song comes on and you run to the dance floor.


You think you’re dancing really sexy, but actually, you look like this.


And everyone else in the room looks like this.


But it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Because you love your best friend and you’re having the time of your life, like you always are when you’re with them.


Although the other people that you’re surrounded by on a daily basis will continue to roll their eyes when you shriek during class or fall down after dancing too hard at a party, there is nothing like this kind of friendship. One that will make you laugh until you cry, never cease to make you smile, and always make you feel like you have somewhere to belong.

Featured Image Via Screen Grab From Gossip Girl


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