How To Survive Mercury Retrograde This Month

Prepare yourself for some serious breakdowns: Planetary communicator Mercury goes into retrograde July 7th-31st.

Do you ever experience a period when anything that can go wrong, does? Your calls constantly drop, you’re bickering, traffic is a disaster, and your laptop crashes when you’re typing the last sentence of your project? This isn’t just one annoyance, it’s that somehow everything is going wrong. Check the date; you’re probably right in the middle of Mercury retrograde. 

So, what is Mercury retrograde, really?

A few times each year, Mercury passes Earth in its orbit. As it rounds the curve, Mercury’s orbit slows and it appears to stop and spin backwards, which is retrograde. It isn’t actually moving backward, but the optical illusion exists. Mercury rules communication, technology, and travel. These three areas can go berserk for nearly three weeks during the planet’s retrograde. Mercury retrograde also has a “shadow period” right before and after. During this, you might feel subtle effects. Awesome, right?

Beginning July 7th, Mercury will be traveling retrograde through Leo and transitioning into Cancer July 19th. You should be prepared for certain things going wrong during this period.

Here’s how to stay sane throughout this phase:

Practice The Re

This may not be the time to begin anew. Concentrate on reviewing, renewing, repeating, reuniting, rekindling. For example, review all your paperwork before signing that dotted line. Consider rekindling old friendships or relationships with potential love interests. When communicating, repeat yourself often. 

Tie Up Loose Ends

Mercury retrograde is a fantastic chance to handle the unfinished business in our lives. Many of us begin things we never finish, which creates spiritual chaos for ourselves. Use this time to tie up those loose ends, find closure, and organize that chaos so you’ll emerge refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of 2019 with gusto. What you resist persists and if not acknowledged now, those issues with pop back up this fall! 

Mercury Retrograde Do’s

  • Read all emails and documents before you send.
  • Get your vehicle(s) serviced and pack an emergency roadside kit (that’s a great idea no matter what the planets are doing!).
  • Leave in a timely manner when traveling or going to appointments.
  • Foresee hearing or running into people from your past.
  • Practice forgiveness and discarding what no longer serves you.
  • Double check all any and all appointments.
  • Again, back-up all data.

Mercury Retrograde Probably-Should-Not’s

  • Buy new cars, gadgets or basically anything electronic.
  • Sign new contracts or old ones.
  • Jump to conclusions. Communication can break down during retrograde so it’s easy to misinterpret. 
  • Leave late for travel or appointments. 
  • Turn in messy or half-assed work. Cutting corners in this cycle can cost you.

Hopefully you’ll make it through this phase without too much headache. Keep in mind, the next retrograde is October 31-November 20, 2019.

Happy Retrograde!

Photo by Jared Weiss on Unsplash


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