4 Reasons Introverts Make The Best Friends You’ll Ever Have


I’ve spent my whole life as an introvert. I was never the one who wanted to be in the spotlight or make myself known in a room. Sitting back and observing what was around me was enough. While some people do not appreciate introverts, my extroverted friends claim that an introverted best friend (IBF) comes in handy sometimes. Here are just a few reasons why having an introverted personality can positively affect friendships:

1. We see multiple sides of the story.

Everyone is going to have personality differences or clash at some point on a topic. Introverts do a lot more listening than their extroverted friends. Because of this, introverts can get information from both sides of the story, giving them a full view of the situation. From this view, they can find the common ground to solve almost any conflict.

2. We don’t give our opinions unless you ask for them.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends or family call to ask for relationship advice. However, sometimes friends just need to vent about their troubles to someone who will listen. Luckily, introverted best friends love listening. And because we listen well, we have an advantage when you do ask for our advice.

3. We enjoy our alone time and our time with friends. 

Most of the time introverts enjoy being at home or someplace where they can be by themselves. It’s how we unwind and prepare for another day. There are times though when we want to be around friends and go out! We want to be around the energetic people who are the “life of the party” and help us out of our shell to an extent. Being the IBF means I have the flexibility to stay at home to watch Netflix or enjoy a party depending on the mood of the group. 

Bad breakup? We stay home, drink wine, and enjoy Netflix. Need a mood booster? Let’s head out to the club!

4. We make the best shoulders to cry on. 

Yes, you will always have your mom or sister for this as well. But there are so many extroverted people who just simply appreciate crying on an introvert’s shoulder because they know we won’t judge them. We will just sit and hold you. In fact, we won’t even ask questions unless it seems appropriate. We are here for you! 

The next time you see your IBF, give them an extra squeeze. We appreciate being recognized but not in glamorous or outlandish ways. A simple thank you or coffee date is more than enough! Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, there are plenty of qualities you bring to the table in your friendships and relationships. Be proud of being an introvert if you are one, because everyone needs an IBF in their life!

Featured Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash.


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