Bye Thigh Gaps: Mermaid Thighs Are The New Body Positive Trend

Remember last summer when the thigh gap was considered an ideal asset men wanted in a woman? Thankfully times have changed and so has the trend.

“Mermaid Thighs” are officially a thing, and we can finally embrace our true body shapes.

You may have noticed the #MermaidThighs plastered all over your Instagram feeds followed by a picture of a nice pair of thighs, or a full body mirror selfie. Millenial’s took it upon themselves to throw their confidence in the face of the hater’s and embrace having thick thighs.

Where the “mermaid” theme came from is the popular saying in meme’s that read: “If your thighs touch you’re one step closer to being a mermaid, so who’s the real winner here?” (You may have seen it on your mom or one of her best friend’s Facebook posts).

As someone who has always had “thunder thighs” pretty much my entire life I think it’s awesome that we embrace what we have and show it off with confidence. The thigh gap was an unattainable standard that not many could achieve and we were shamed if we couldn’t. Why do we need to have a thigh gap anyway? To play peek-a-boo through someone’s legs?

Just because your thighs touch does not mean your fat or have an imperfect body. Stretch marks, cellulite and other bumps and ripples in our thighs are totally normal, and it comes with the territory.

So if you’re anything like me and my girlfriends who compare the rash from our chub rub at the end of a night when wearing a skirt or dress, then embrace the trend and post a pic yourself! Work it girls!

Featured image via dole777 on Unsplash


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