What To Do When A Relationship With Your “Other Half” Doesn’t Work

When you’ve met your twin flame, falling out of love is the last thing you want to happen. That’s why it feels so right to be in a relationship with a twin flame — but it can also be a rather tumultuous relationship.

What is a twin flame?

According to the Law of Attraction, “a twin flame is the other half of your soul.” They are not the same as soulmates. Sometimes, the relationship between twin flames continues to grow, expand, and evolve over time. When this happens, the two remain happily coupled for many years or even a lifetime. Other times, the form of the relationship must change in order for one or both individuals to continue to grow as individuals. 

So what happens when you fall out of love with your twin flame?

 Does the connection you once had is go away  forever and there is no more room for growth?

Not necessarily.

Actually, by allowing the relationship to change its form, it can continue to be a nourishing and beneficial part of your life. A healthy relationship will last for as long as you do everything you can to maintain it.

How can I survive without my flame when the relationship ends?

1. Recognize your as a catalyst for your growth, not the source.

The positive feelings  that you associated with your twin flame has less to do with them than you may think. The sensation we describe as falling in love is really the experience of coming back into energetic alignment with ourselves.

The other person becomes an object of attention that feels great to focus on. In them, we see possibilities for our lives we may never have seen before.

We become inspired; we have more energy and creativity, and we see all things from a fresh perspective.

Twin flame relationships awaken us to our potential and unrealized possibility.

They mirror parts of us to ourselves that we haven’t before seen or what we  disconnect ourselves from. That’s one of the reasons they’re so attractive.

Given the intensity of the connection, we feel let down when a twin flame relationship loses its spark.

But, remember that the fire that your twin flame ignited still exists within you. You have the ability to stoke that fire and to keep the flames burning brightly.

2. Embody the changes you wanted your flame to make.

When relationships begin to fall apart, it’s easy to focus on all the things the other person “should” change. If only they were more communicative, then the relationship could have continued.

Holding the other person responsible for our falling out of love does two very unproductive, disempowering things.

First, it causes us to focus on their behavior, which is something we have absolutely no control over. And second, it may keep us from making important changes within ourselves.

The qualities, character traits, and behaviors we find the most intolerable in others can provide us valuable information about ourselves.

You can use what you perceive as your twin flame’s shortcomings as a catalyst for your own growth.

If you felt they’re not as committed to their spiritual practice as you would have liked, commit more fully to yours. If you always wished they were more into spending time in nature, spend more time in nature yourself.

Be the person you want to be, now. This will free your twin flame from your projections and it will also free you to be the best version of yourself you can be.

3. Bless your twin flame for the role they played in your evolution.

Falling out of love with someone doesn’t mean we need to negate the positive impact they’ve had in our lives. In fact, to do so is to deny ourselves a valuable piece of our own evolution.

What clarity did your twin flame evoke within you about the type of relationship you now desire? What wisdom or strengths did he or she help you to strengthen within yourself?

Acknowledge the many ways your twin flame has contributed to your life and bless them for the role that they played.

Although you may worry that losing your twin flame means the end to your own fire, it’s actually just the beginning. Keep these three principles in mind and let your flame grow into an entire fire.

Originally Published on YourTango 

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