Jon And Kate’s Daughters Are Going To Make You Feel Old AF

Flashback to around this time 10 years ago: The world was captivated by the scandal surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin’s devastating divorce. Every week, viewers tuned into TLC for the latest episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 to watch their devastating separation unfold. Their love story gone wrong bombarded the covers of every gossip magazine in grocery store checkout lanes.

Since Jon and Kate’s messy 2009 divorce, we’ve seen sporadic glimpses of them (and their eight children) in the media, but where are they and their big brood now?

Jon infamously moved out of the couple’s mansion to jumpstart his career as a DJ and desperately try to become famous again. He now has custody of the couple’s two children, Hannah and Colin. Hannah was the only child who regularly visited her dad over the years, while Colin attends a specialized private school for special needs children.

Meanwhile, Kate stayed busy promoting her books and milking her Dancing With the Stars stint. She and her eight children also had a few TLC specials. In those rare appearances, Kate would catch us up with the family and give us all the chance to see what her kids were up to. After all, we watched these kids grow up and were emotionally invested in their lives.

It’s hard to believe that Jon and Kate’s marriage (and their fame) ended so many years ago. But in case you want to feel really old, Jon and Kate’s oldest children, Cara and Mady, just graduated high school.

That’s right, your favorite twins are off to college!

To celebrate the girls’ big day, Kate posted a sweet picture to her Instagram, complete with a touching caption about how the twins have blossomed from adorable little girls into beautiful young women.

Cara and Mady have both remained quiet about their plans for life after high school. We can only assume that soon, they’ll be hopping from frat party to frat party while their mom sits at home crying about how much she misses them.

It’s hard to believe that Cara and Mady have grown up so quickly, and their eight younger siblings will soon be heading to high school, too. We’ve seen every moment in the twins’ childhoods, from family vacation meltdowns to sibling embarrassment to learning life lessons as they matured into slightly bratty (but still lovable) teenagers.

Cara and Mady’s high school graduation will leave you with just one thought: When did we get so old?

Featured Photo via kateplusmy8.


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