10 Stages Of A Fraternity Party As Told By ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

What’s better than combining the use of our favorite American classic with a great American pastime? Nothing. If you haven’t lived to walk into a fraternity house, you might not relate here. But, trust me, if you have, you’ll probably resonate with a couple of these.

Stage 1: You spend all night doing your hair and makeup only to know that inevitably it’s going to frizz up.

Stage 2: You take dozens of pictures and tag it at the place that you’re pre-gaming, since it would be quite unfortunate if you missed a grand pic opportunity.

Stage 3: You argue with your friends on whether or not you should just walk, take the bus, or take an Uber.

Stage 4: You arrive to the fraternity house and you hope and pray that someone at the door recognizes you from a Greek event, or that you’re personal friends with them.

Stage 5: You get through the gates and there’s always one or two stragglers who don’t get in and are practically begging to be vouched for.

Stage 6: You head to the dance floor where some freshman will try to cop a feel. Typical.

Stage 7: You’ll finally be able to dance with the girlfriends, but don’t worry, about 55 people will make sure to push/bump/shove/nudge/feel/grope you within the duration of one song.

Stage 8: You make it out of the house alive, thank God. However, your friends have no battery life left on their phones and your Uber app doesn’t work.

Stage 9: You end up walking home, chatting it up about people’s lives, gossip, and learning more about your friends than you ever did in the years that you knew each other.

Stage 10: You head back to bed, making sure you take off all the extra makeup on your face, and falling asleep all so that you can do it the next day.

See! Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t just have our backs when it comes pretending to be a doctor or  making it acceptable drinking tequila; they really get our lives. Now go grab your person, play a drinking game during a an episode or two while you get ready, then go have the night of your life!

Feature Image via screengrab from Grey’s Anatomy.

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