Why You Should Never Date A Girl Who Writes

Don’t date the girl who writes. She can trace every line of your body with her pen.

The pieces of torn out scrap paper from her journal lying around a wastebasket contain fragments of you she wasn’t quite ready to share with the world, but that now orthographically exist between red and blue ruled parallel lines. A metaphor for the thought of the two of you never having met, completely missing the opportunity to connect and forever stumbling on in separate directions unaware of the other’s existence.

Do you remember that frozen December night when the two of you went out for coffee and you ordered the wrong size cup? Or the time you had to break into your own house through the window because you locked your keys inside? She does. It’s engraved into the crevices of her brain that your favorite color is blue, don’t say things you don’t want her to keep with her forever. 

She even has it all scribbled down somewhere. Books filled with elements of you: the description of your laugh, the words that carefully outline your entire personality, all nestled between the pages of her journals that lay in heaps around her room. She’s going to tell your story, in all it’s raw, truthful glory. Her side, that is. It’s her account of what happened, not yours. Though she’s going to fill in your blanks for you, because as a writer she will let her imagination flow free.

Upon reading her words, you will fall in love, even more so than you might have already. Her pen can make you seem like Prince Charming even to yourself. But it can also make you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, and this “on top of the world” feeling will be taken away from you in seconds, all with that same pen. She’ll record fights, breakups, mistakes, the bad things you said that you didn’t even think she remembered… It will all be there. And you’ll have to relive it through her handwriting, knowing that she’s been reliving it all this time.

Words will be her powerful ammunition, which she can build high to protect herself when times get rough. She can destroy you with them, she can get lost in her own world, she can not be held down. I can promise you that taking things personally will be your downfall. 

Writing is her passion, but you must respect it if you so choose to stick around. She is always drowning in her thoughts, so you must love her at your own risk.

Don’t date the girl who writes. 

She will break you into tiny little pieces with her pen. She will hold on to every single word you’ve whispered to her in the middle of the night and every thought you’ve spoken to her. She will leave a million shadows of what the two of you once had.

Because even if one day you two grow apart, there will be places where your love will still burn. 

Featured image via Lisa Fotios on Pexels


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