Celebrities Have Lost Touch With Their Fans And It’s Not Okay

Is it just me or have some celebrities lost touch with reality? It is now becoming common to see a famous person cutting down on their fans or having an ego-outburst. It is as if fame and power have gone to their head to the point that they do not remember what it is like to be a normal person. Certainly, not all famous people are the same, but there are some that have really let the limelight go to their head.

Ariana Grande hates America. Or at least that is what the pop star was caught saying a year ago while licking a donut that she didn’t end up buying (GROSS!). In case you missed it, Ariana was overheard saying that she hated America and the people living in it. While she did come back and apologize for the context that it was taken in, because she knew the backlash that she would face because of it, she did manage to alienate a large number of her fans with that one simple comment.

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Justin Bieber tells his fans that he doesn’t want to hear them. He doesn’t understand why they are always screaming at his concerts because he is just a “normal” person. He has stopped multiple shows because he was fed up that his fan base of pre-teen and teenage girls were “wooing” at him. Along with these outbursts, Justin has quit doing meet and greets because they are “draining on him” and make him sad afterward. Not only is he upsetting parents with his behavior, he is creating a rift with pretty much all of his fan base with his antics.

Antonio Brown (from the Pittsburgh Steelers) walked out in the middle of a meet and greet. Recently at a meet and greet with fans, Antonio reportedly had shown up an hour and a half late, had an attitude with fans and then cut the meet and greet from one hour to thirty minutes. By cutting the meet and greet short, he turned away fans that had waited hours in the cold to see him; this included small children that looked up to him. Dancing with the Stars sources pointed out his issue with punctuality and you can see a clear ego problem on the football field, but now he is letting down his football nation.

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I am not saying that celebrities do not have bad days. They are human. They need moments of normalcy and relaxation, just as much as we all do, but they also have to consider the following: This is their job. If any one of us were to go into our place of employment one day and do any of the antics above, we would most likely be fired. These famous people are given chance after chance, yet still, have an attitude as if we owe them everything because of their celebrity power. Newsflash: We, the people that you look down on, are the ones that provide you with your paychecks.

We buy their albums. We go to see their movies. We wear their jerseys. We hand over our paychecks willingly in order to see them up close and feel as though we know them. We hold these people to a special standard. While there are some of us that will cross the line between treating them like just another a human or putting them up on a high pedestal, it is kind of your job to keep your fans happy with who you are and what you do. You wouldn’t have made it anywhere without your support system, the people who back you up, your fans.

It is just saddening that these people have all the power and money in the world to do some good, but yet do not act as if they appreciate it. This is your platform, your opportunity to be a good example for not just children, but for all, and you are throwing that away because your ego is too large to realize it. Now is the time to set an example to all of what people should be like. how a little consideration to the people who got you to where you are and continue to keep you there.

Featured image via “Justin Bieber” by cukuskumir / CC BY-SA


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