Aaron Samuels From ‘Mean Girls’ Launched A Burn Book Cookbook

October 3rd marks a very special unofficial holiday: Mean Girls Day.

And while thousands of people are decked out in pink (because it conveniently landed on a Wednesday this year) or are making non-stop references from the beloved teen movie, two stars from the film decided to drop a surprise for fans: a cookbook based on the burn book.

The Burn Cookbook: A Parody (Real Recipes to Feed Your Inner Plastic) is officially available for all fans and foodies alike.


Actor Jonathan Bennett, who famously played Aaron Samuels in the film Mean Girls, collaborated on a tongue-in-cheek burn book parody with chef and Food Network host, Nikki Martin. That’s right, ladies, he doesn’t just look sexy with his hair pushed back, he’s also sexy because he can cook!

The Burn Cookbook technically dropped on Tuesday, October 2nd, but news didn’t spread until today, obviously, and fans are buzzing about this hilarious parody.

The main differences between the two books is that instead of mean comments about their peers, it’s actually filled with sarcastic recipes that pay tribute to the film’s beloved (and much-hated) burn book. It also includes several references to the movie from character names, to hot dogs and of course, Gretchen’s Wieners.

Seriously, these are some of the menu names:

  • Fetch-uccine Alfredo
  • Gretchen’s Wieners
  • White Gold Hoops (otherwise known as onion rings)
  • JAMBO-laya
  • Toaster Doodles
  • Cheese and Crackers For Eight People (*more people are not included)
  • Regulation Hottie Toddy
  • You Go, Glenn (Hot) Cocoa
  • Just Stab Caesar Salad
  • She Asked Me How to Spell Orange Chicken
  • Cake Made of Rainbows and Smiles

See? These are pure gold.

And of course, you couldn’t include a cookbook that didn’t have anything to do with the daughter of the inventor of toaster strudels. Lacey Chabert, who played the infamous Gretchen Wieners, also contributed to the book by writing the foreword.

Now, keep in mind that this book isn’t for the well-seasoned chefs, but for the amateurs who are in desperate need of some basic recipes (Thank God). Even Karen could get these recipes right. But the 160 recipes aren’t solely dedicated to helping us all in the kitchen to eventually become cool moms. The book also includes a DIY beauty mask, a workout, a throwback game of MASH, and a quiz that tells you which Plastic you are.

Oh, and it’s conveniently only $17 (USD) and available at most bookstores as well as on Amazon. (You’re welcome for the link I included, by the way!)

This cookbook promises to feed your inner Plastic, and I am confident it will.

So, get in loser, we’re going shopping to get this book, because it’s the definition of fetch.

Featured image via Athena LeTrelle on Flickr


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