An Open Letter To Mean Girls Everywhere

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In case you were oblivious, on a Netflix binge, or locked in a closet this past weekend, there were women protesting all over the United States. The peaceful marches were to show women taking a stand against our new administration for the way that they have acted in the past towards women and to prevent future issues against the rights of women. It was to bring women together, but if you know anything about women, we have issues getting along.

To this, I ask why? Why does it take turmoil to bring women together? Why are we not always standing up for each other? Why ladies, does it feel like we are always out to get each other? To the individuals that feel that they don’t need to stand up for other females, that let their jealousy control their personality, that resemble Regan George from Mean Girls, I have something to say to you. You are a mean girl.

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Newsflash: It is 2017, knock it off. It is absolute bullshit to call yourself a feminist and then cut down other woman for what they choose to do with their free time or what they choose to believe. This is the time where we should be helping each other rise instead of creating hate and adding more fuel to the fire of our raging hormones. You might not agree with what someone is doing with their life, but it is not yours. Give it a rest.

You mean girls out there may or may not know who you are. If you are unsure if you are a mean girl, here are some questions to ask yourself. Do you find yourself at the center of drama all the time? Do you find yourself having a hard time naming more than two girl friends? Can you remember the last time you supported one of those said girlfriends in an accomplishment? If so, was it in this decade? Do you find yourself being more abrasive towards the female population instead of motivating? If you find yourself having a hard time answering these simple questions, you may, in fact, be a mean girl.

I have come up with some helpful tips to assist you in your “bitchy” times of need:

1. Learn to think before you speak. While you might think that you are not saying something offensive or that it is better to just be “honest”, it’s not okay to be a bitch. Unlike you, some people have a heart and feelings. Doesn’t matter if you are their friend or not, there is no need to be a catty bitch.

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  1. Check the gauge on your bitch monitor. Before you go flying off the handle in an angry rant, check yourself. Words can come back to bite you in the ass, so make sure you regulate yourself before you say something you really don’t mean.Image result for mean girl gifs
  2. Stop letting jealousy make you act like a crazy person. Instead of letting jealousy rule your life and having selfish moments, try being genuinely happy for them. No bad acting involve, genuinely mean it!Image result for jealous gif
  3. Stop cutting down on your own gender so harshly. We want men to show some respect for us, but we can’t gain that when life looks like an episode of Jerry Springer or Girls Gone Wild. Even if you aren’t friends with them, you have to learn to show some respect.Related image
  4. Stop looking at the female population as your enemy. Not everyone is out to get you; They are only the enemy if you create bad relationships with them. We have to learn to start building each other up instead of wishing bad karmic moments on people.

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I know this may be a difficult thing for some of you “mean girls” to do, but it is for your own good that you give this way of thinking a try. I am not asking you to speak highly of the Amanda Bynes (Current Amanda, not talented, normal Hairspray Amanda) or befriend Lindsay Lohan (Current Lindsay, not adorable, promising Parent Trap Lindsay); in those cases, if you don’t have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all. I am simply asking you to be kind to one another. It is a cruel enough world out there without us being mean to one another over the style of our hair, what designer bag we may be carrying or not going to march in a protest. As the Spice Girls taught us, it is all about girl power!Image result for girl power gif

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