10 Times ‘Mean Girls’ Validated Your High School Experience

We watched the reality of our high school lives play out on the big screen through actress Lindsay Lohan in 2004. Mean Girls drove home all the things we already knew: being a teenager sucks, there’s always someone cooler than you, and fitting in isn’t always everything. There were some very unrealistic and dramatized parts of the movie, sure, but at the end of the day, we could all find tons of ways the movie pulled at our heartstrings and validated our teenage existence.

In the spirit of those real-life moments, let’s set aside a few minutes today to remember all that we learned about life from this iconic Hollywood film.

1. Inventing your own vernacular is acceptable.

2. Faking illness can also be legit.

3. Sometimes the only way to escape an uncomfortable situation is by visiting “the facilities.”

4. Your mother was right: it’s best to always mind your manners.

5. Food cures all emotional pains.

6. Life is full of weird moments, and that’s okay.

7. Giving up doesn’t make you a failure.

8. All mothers are weird, even the “cool” ones.


9. We all have hopes and dreams that may not make sense to anyone else.


10. And, finally… don’t forget to apologize when something goes wrong.

Okay, so maybe there were more than 10 things we could take from the movie. There were also some great lessons in the movie, like not falling for your friend’s ex and that math team guys really know how to party. Also, we all had that one teacher in school who really should not have been there… you know it to be true. Maybe now you feel like heating up some popcorn, pouring your favorite drink, and reliving the nostalgia of high school by giving this movie another view? What parts of Mean Girls relate to your high school experience?

Feature Image by @meangirls via Instagram


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