16 Things You Must Know About the INTJ Personality Type

INTJ is one of the rarest personality types, but it has several subtypes that are even rarer. The subtype INTJ-A, for example, is one of the rarest types of all. They make up just 2% of the population, and women with this personality type are especially unique, forming just 0.8% of the population. If you fall into the INTJ group, you’ve probably felt quite different from many of those around you.

As one of the rarest, most strategically capable personality types, like INFJ, we INTJs often struggle to find like-minded individuals who are able to keep up with our relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering. 

Here are 16 things that everyone should know about the INTJ personality type:

1. They are highly intelligent.

INTJs, a.k.a. architects are born with a natural thirst for knowledge. They pride themselves on their minds and take advantage of every possible opportunity to improve their knowledge. In fact, INTJ holds the highest average IQ of all MBTI types

2. They are ambitious.

Architects know that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. They know that with intelligence and effort, anything is possible. They are never satisfied with the bare minimum and are always looking to improve. 

3. They see challenges as lessons.

INTJs will face any challenge head-on. They use their willpower and forceful personalities to get through anything life throws at them. 

4. They would rather spend time alone.

They love their solitude. Therefore, is often best for them to remain where they are comfortable – out of the spotlight and alone. They would rather spend time by themselves than with a bunch of people they don’t care for. 

5. They are over-thinkers.

These people move through life as though it were a chessboard. They analyze every move they make and are always thinking three steps ahead. 

6. They have brilliant minds. 

INTJs are characterized as “walking encyclopedias.” Their minds are sponges for all sorts of information, be it historical, scientific, technical, or otherwise. It may seem like they have “photographic memories,” – they’re able to recall nearly anything they’ve been exposed to. 

7. They love deep conversations.

INTJs will talk at great length and depth about a topic that interests them. They love to have deep conversations that stimulate their minds. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from others. 

8. They are workaholics.

They are astonishingly dedicated to their work, putting in long hours and intense effort into their passions. 

9. They are honest.

They have an honest, direct style of communication. INTJs will say exactly what’s on their minds. They don’t care much about others’ opinions because they only rely on facts.

10. They are jacks-of-all-trades.

INTJs ability to strategize makes them capable of doing pretty much anything. They tend to excel at many things, including linguistics, music, mathematics, or science. 

11. They are very selective in their relationships.

They seek potential partners who meet their own predetermined, lofty criteria.  The INTJ personality wants a strong, deep relationship with a companion who will both share their world and grant them a degree of independence and trust. 

13. They appear to be mean.

INTJs are often known for their “death stare.” Most people think that they are constantly angry, but that isn’t the case. The “stare” just means they’re thinking deeply about something, so don’t be intimidated.

14. They are perfectionists.

These individuals work very diligently for everything to be perfect. They have a seemingly endless capacity to improve upon anything that sparks their interest. 

15. They are highly curious.

INTJs are quite inquisitive about the world around them and want to know the guiding principles behind everything they see. They work diligently to understand how everything in life functions.

16. They feel like outcasts.

They have difficulty fitting into society. Their brash, “uncaring” attitude can cause rifts with others. Their honesty can come across rudeness,  their intelligence can come across as arrogance, and their seriousness can come across as emotionlessness. 

Overall, that 2% of the population may constantly feel out of place.  However, if they try hard enough, they can still find their tribe of like-minded INTJs and discover that they truly do belong.

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