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What I Wish I Could Tell My Ex Best Friend

I just wanted to start off by saying I miss you. I miss telling you about my life and hearing about yours. I miss our sleepovers and our party nights. I miss our conversations about boys and then realizing how much we hate them. Simply put,

I really miss you.

I know you don’t like me that much anymore and that you probably think I want something because I’m trying to talk to you and you’re right. I do want something from you. I want our friendship back. I know what I said totally came out wrong and I hope you know that I honestly didn’t mean it. Yes, I said it but only because I was angry with myself and you cared so much that I pushed you away so I didn’t have to talk about my problems. It was who I was then but I want you to know I’ve come to realize how stupid of me it was to do that. I didn’t think I would lose you, I thought you’d be mad and realize I didn’t want to talk about the issue but I never expected this. I just wish I didn’t take my anger out on you because maybe things could be different today.

After I had said what I said, I started to see where you were coming from. I started to see how my words hurt you and, if I’m being honest, I didn’t know how to take them back. The only thing I could think about was leaving. I thought leaving was the best thing I could do for the both of us. I thought distancing myself would do the trick and it may have for you but it didn’t for me. I thought distancing myself from my best friend would allow me not to deal with my issues; I thought it would give me the ability to disconnect – disconnect from those around me who knew the reality of what I do when I am angry or just plain upset with life.

I guess this is more of an apology than anything else. I just want you to know how sorry I really am. How sorry I am for hurting you and losing our friendship. I just need you to know how much I didn’t mean it. And I’m sorry it took so long for this letter to come out but I just didn’t know how to put this message together.

I am happy that you have found new friends and a new best friend because you deserve to be happy, to have fun, and be loved. You deserve to live in a carefree world with those who can open up to you as you can to them.

I know you’re thinking, “wow this b*tchh, she thinks she can just come back into my life after being out of it for six months.” I don’t think that. I know you have new friends and don’t need me anymore. I know you’re happy so I don’t want to ruin that, I just need to say two final things.

First off, I’m sorry… not that you haven’t heard it enough. I truly am from the bottom of my heart, sorry. I just hope you can understand that I do mean it.

Secondly, I love you. Even though we’re not best friends anymore I still consider you to be a very close friend; you always will be. I want you to know that no matter what curve balls come your way that you can always come and talk to me if you need someone to listen. Just know I’m always here for you.



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  1. Sigh I can totally relate. I haven’t talked to my best friend in almost 2 years. No one understands me like she did. I miss her so much

    • My best friend moved about three years ago, and it’s been two years since we last had a real conversation. And It was my fault. I was going through things that when she was too, I didn’t know what to say. “You’re always the victim and I’m tired of it.” Was what she said and I was.. I wasn’t being a good friend. I didn’t realize at that moment is when I lost her. You could say I was putting my feelings before hers. I was being blind, uncasiderate, selfish, and dumb. I was told she broke her phone.. but she was purposely ignoring my texts. One day I text her happy birthday…. and I actually got a reply that killed me. I- I hated myself. I miss her so much and I just wish I could fix it. It’s been so long and it still brings tears to my eyes EVERY DAMN DAY. And I can’t let go… I just connected with her in a way that is very rare. She was my inspiration, my confidence, my happiness… my best friend. Nobody understood me the way she did. And now here I am slowly observing how much happier she is while I’m sinking. She doesn’t know how much I care about her. And she never will……

      • I am going through this same thing right now. I had lied to my best friend that knew me inside and out unlike anybody else. My connection with her was so different than my connections with anybody else. I had lied about something that was really big but really stupid. She can’t believe me about anything and I had hurt her to a point that she no longer wants to talk to me ever again. She doesn’t believe that anything I have ever told her is true. I just never realized how much she truly meant to me until she is gone now. I don’t know what to do with my life now that she isn’t in it anymore. She was my best friend and now she doesn’t even believe me when I tell her that.

  2. I lost my best friend 4 days ago and i miss her so much she was always there for em when i needed her and i cry every day because i miss her so much and i cant continue life without her.


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