Twitter Hilariously Celebrates ‘Mean Girls’ Day And It’s Fetch AF

“Mean Girls” was the holy Bible of our youth for sassy comebacks. It defined high school and the monarchy that came with it, and it ultimately is one of the best movies of our time.

People have deemed October 3rd “Mean Girls Day” because at 12:03 on October 3rd, Aaron Samuels asked Kady Heron what date it was. Coincidentally, this year, October 3rd also falls on a Wednesday which only means one thing: YOU HAVE TO WEAR PINK! Join me in doing a happy dance.

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This timing is impeccable and is causing everyone to spiral into a bottomless pit of references, memes, puns, hilarious jokes, and funny outfits. So naturally, Twitter is full of celebratory posts, hilarious throwbacks, and references that only fans of the movie will understand.

Luckily for you, I rounded up the funniest tweets so far, so sit back and enjoy.

You better be wearing pink today.

And if you’re not wearing pink, you can’t sit with us.

What kind of uncultured swine didn’t wear pink today?

Can we please take a moment to appreciate that they have a Burn Book of their own and even took the time to dress their dog?

Who knew Karen would glow up to be such a stunning woman? And she’s not even working in weather!

Boo, you whore.

This is as regular as Coach Carr and Trang Pak’s hook ups.

Even moms are getting hip with the trends.

Clever use of a meme, Cosmo.

She’s honoring Damian in the best way, WITH DAMIAN.


How could anyone waste such a perfect moment like this!? I shake my head at the level of disrespect.

Could you imagine if someone actually did this!? A war would start, and no one would ever be the same. And multiple people would probably sue you.

Does anyone even have to ask?

My friends are terrible for not doing this with me.

You are a good friend and also the hero this world needs.

It’s not pink, but I’ll still allow it.

Even Cinnabon chose to participate in the festivities, so you know this movie is iconic.

No, this isn’t a scene from Mean Girls, but we all know the reference.

Sadly, I’m by far the youngest employee at my job, and no one else chose to participate, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking at other people wondering if they did the same.

And in case you all needed an extra reminder…

This is the ultimate checklist that we should all aspire to follow today to celebrate this glorious unofficial holiday.

And as you can see, the limit of puns or “Mean Girls” quotes does not exist. So spread all the love to your favourite whores, people who are too gay to function, or  people who are crazy in love with you. And thank you for keeping the spirit of this legendary teen movie alive.

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Featured image via Taylor Sparks on Flickr


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