How A Dream Catcher Can Influence Your Dreams

Have you ever woken up from a dream and it takes you a while to separate reality from the dream? It happens to the best of us! But what I always count on is my beautiful dream catcher! So simple, yet…remarkable! The humble dream catcher is one poem that takes you through how a dream catcher can influence your dreams.

Into the sleepy realms we go!

Closing my eyes,

Drifting afar,

Soul travelling,

Two minds at war.

Amazing is as amazing be,

Just how seamless such journeys seem,

Vivid are some though most fade away,

All so real, yet surreal

Reaching out, holding on,

Hoping to see once more and again,

Closing your eyes, drifting afar.

Red willow we use,

A hoop we see,

All around are feather and bead,

Beads of beauty to behold.

A perfect circle of life and love,

Life all passing through,

Sifted and sorted are good and bad,

Vibrations that stir your very soul.

‘Tis of Iktomi’s web that I speak,

Woven in wonder,

Woven with care,

Intricate lines meander on,

Cycles and cycles of different lives,

Similar lives of babies first,

Of man and woman passing by,

So old and frail one does become,

Babies once again?

Now close your eyes and drift afar,

Astral beings our souls are,

Travelling far, from dark to light,

Sifting through infinite lines,

The light passes through,

Right through the center,

Darkness broken by the light,

How much we see of the light,

The dark we may never know.

Such are thoughts in waking we find,

Such are thoughts so lost in slumber.

A wonder is that which bewitches the spirit,

Renewing a soul with every awakening

For those of us who believe, a dream catcher is more than symbolic… What would life be without dreams? Dream for today, dream for tomorrow and as though you will live forever!

Featured image by Frankie K. from Unsplash.


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