Why I Will Continue To Love You Through All Of Our Differences

This poem is about how sometimes, two people can be so different, but they can still potentially make their relationship work. It’s about you and your partner can see the world with completely opposite lenses and differ on so many things, but when it comes down to it, your relationship is is about the feeling they give you while you’re with them. Although you and your partner may be on completely opposite sides of the spectrum, if there is enough mutual motivation and understanding in your relationship, something great can come out of it.

There is something about us,
That is so attractive to my mind.
There are so many differences between us,
And yet, there is so much left to find.

The idea of us is crazy,
And it’s something you can’t wrap your head around.
Yet, it is so simple,
And beautiful if it can be found.

You grew up with a twisted story,
Full of heartbreak and demons that you have had to ride.
I’m from the right side of the tracks,
With slightly fewer scars that I have to hide.

Your home was broken,
And there were cracks throughout the blinds.
Mine was the picture of perfection,
Yet, it wasn’t what I had in mind.

Just from our stories it may seem,
That this is a path that is doomed to fail.
But this is already a scene from a movie,
With a strong relationship that could prevail.

You’re rap beats,
And I’m the sound of the piano.
You’re gangster moves,
And I’m just a sway in the shadows.

You’re the Eminem to this love story,
With an edge that is off-putting at times,
While I’m the bubbly Jessica Day  “New Girl,”
Killing it with positivity and rhymes.

On the surface, we look like a mess,
A relationship that could fail to rise,
But there is just something about us,
That I refuse to leave behind.

You see the world through a dark shadow,
Through the lens of someone with a secret to hide,
While I take on the world everyday,
With so much sunshine I could blind.

You always see the negative in the situation,
As you looking for a way to fight the game.
While I always put a positive spin on life,
And bring perspective to the frame.

You’re able to hide your emotions,
Able to hide what is on your mind,
While I’m the one always putting my thoughts out there,
Always putting my heart on the line.

It’s intimating how fascinated I am by you,
And the way that your mind works.
It’s always terrifying to me,
That this thing between us is just going to hurt.

I know we might never see eye-to-eye,
Or that you will never be able to recall,
The day I bowed down to you,
Or when I really began to fall.

But no matter what day it may be,
Or which way you choose to side,
I will be the one looking out for you,
I’ve got nothing left to hide.

I will continue to fight for you,
And the differences we have in mind.
I will continue to hold your hand,
And search for our place in time.

We may not have it all together,
You may not even fall,
But for what it’s worth,
I accept our differences after all.

Featured Photo via Pexels.


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