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Treat Yo Self: 10 Little Things That Make Every Woman Feel Empowered

I think it’s important for all women to take time and do things for themselves. We should all embrace our inner goddess and do things that make us feel like the empowered beings that we are. We don’t need acceptance by others (especially other men) to make us feel valuable! In fact, here’s a list of 10 ways to pump up your inner diva and bring out a little more of that Beyoncé-Sasha-Fierce that I know you have in you.

1. Spend the afternoon perfecting those make-up routines you’ve always loved.


It’ll pay off in the long run when you finally decide to take this new look out on the town. Whether it be perfecting your cat-eye, or finally figuring out how to do ombre-lipstick, the extra confidence that comes out when enhancing your star facial features will get heads turning as you walk by.

2. Put on some high heels to go to the club.


Doesn’t matter if you’re 5’1 or 5’8, wear those damn heels that you bought months ago because you couldn’t live without them! It doesn’t matter if you’ll wind up being taller than all the other men in attendance. You’re doing it for you, not him.

3. Wear matching bras and panties.


There’s just something extra empowering and sexy about knowing that under these worn out jeans and t-shirt, there is a beautiful matching set. You’ll be surprised with how much more confidence you walk with just by taking the extra time to find that perfect shade of blue thong to match your new bra.

4. Open a bottle of wine, and relax.

GIPHY-2When I get home after a long day of school, nothing feels better than knowing that I have the power to choose to turn on some Grey’s Anatomy, put a pizza in the oven and just do what I like for the evening. Who knows, you may even draw yourself a bath and post photos of your bubble-covered legs as your new tinder moment.

5. Pay your bills.


I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more empowering than knowing that I have a clean slate with my bank. There’s just something so mature about clicking that “transfer” button, and let’s be honest, do you think Beyoncé has her VISA company calling her 3 times a day to pay her bill just because she’s forgetful?

6. Buy that outfit you’ve been eyeballing in the store window for weeks.


We all have that one item in that one store that was calling out our name when we first saw it. The fit was perfect, the length was perfect and of course it emphasized all of your perfections; and hey, since you just paid off your VISA, why not go treat yourself!

7. Make a home-cooked meal for yourself.


Actually make that dinner you pinned on your Pinterest board. Most of those recipes are actually pretty simple, and if you’re having a quiet sunday already, why not walk to your local market, pick up the goodies you need and treat yourself to a clean, home-made meal? Let’s not forget the Instagram potential that home-made dish is going to have!

8. Go to the gym.


As we all know from our gym-rat friends, going to the gym is an amazing way to get them endorphins running. Why else do you think someone would willing go to a public area to sweat for hours on end? Plus, while you do that walk home from your gym, I guarantee you’ll be shaking your ass a little extra from feeling so on top of the world after your kick-ass workout!

9. Go out with your girls, but just to dance.


Because you know you and your girls are #squadgoals. Why not get yourselves all dolled up and show the town what you’re really made of!

10. Pick up a hobby.


Take the time to learn something that makes you feel accomplished, smart, and well, just good. You’ve come this far for yourself! Whether it be a sport, knitting or photography, it really doesn’t matter how good you are at it, as long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

Now go and try out some of these new little tricks and share them with all your fellow Beyoncés!

Featured image via Godisable Jacob on Pexels



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