Drake Beats Jay-Z For The Most Billboard Hot 100 Top 10s

Attention Team Drizzy! Today is the perfect time to celebrate our beloved Drake for his latest achievement: Passing Jay-Z for the most Hot 100 top 10s among rappers.

His latest songs, “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity” have entered the charts, the first one being No. 1 and the second, being No. 7. Both tracks are from the rapper’s latest single called “Scary Hours”.

To celebrate his success and how good looking he is, we are going to share with you our top 10 favorite songs.

1. Hotline Bling

This song is about Drake’s ex-girlfriend, Nebby, who constantly appears on social media living the jet-set life and wearing almost nothing.

2. Work ft. Rihanna

We have to admit it! We loved this power couple and seeing them together in the video or the stage, melted our heart! We’re still rooting for you guys!

3. Hold On, We’re Going Home

A little different from the rapping style he has, but still one of his best (and known) songs. He said that his inspiration came from all the women that his friends say that are no good for him but still he wants to date because he sees something special in them.

4. Passionfruit

This song talks about how hard it is to Drake to commit to a relationship. He is telling the girl that is better to stop things before she gets hurt.

5. One Dance

Did you know that in October 2016, this song became the most streamed song in streaming services in history? Way to go Drake!

PS: It’s impossible to not to dance every time you listen to it.

6. Energy

Haters gonna hate, right? Well, for this song, Drake’s inspiration was his haters, especially after the controversy surrounding Cash Money records.

7. Started from the bottom

All of us have quoted this song at least one time, so definitely it had to appear in our top 10.

8. Too Good ft Rihanna

Just as they were together, this song is “too good”. Who doesn’t love having Ri-Ri and Champagne Papi singing together?  Ironically, this song talks about a romance that didn’t last, just like theirs.

9. Bring it Back ft. Trouble

This was the first ever collaboration between the two singers, and even Drake was featured on Trouble’s Instagram story dancing to his songs.

10. Take Care ft Rihana

We can never get enough of these two, so we added to our list one last song from them. It has inspiration on the 1950s song “I’ll Take Care of You” by Brook Benton.

As you see, there are a lot of amazing songs Drake has that make us dance and enjoy his music and talents. Which ones are your favorite?

Congratulations Drake on this achievement! We can’t wait to listen to more of your amazing music.

Featured image via Instagram


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