Why Jay-Z and Beyonce Will Reign On

Photo Credit: Mason Poole

On behalf of the Beygency and Roc-A-Fella Records, I encourage entertainment news outlets and those of you who buy into that gossip, to stop saying Jay-Z and Beyonce are going to break up. You all sound like a bunch of fools. If anyone can give me a legitimate reason for their divorce besides the elevator footage or a “reliable source,” let me know.

“But Maura, Beyonce changed the line in “Resentment” from 6 years to 12!” I know you idiots; I went to the On The Run Tour. These nit-picky “hints” at Jay and Bey’s impending doom are just ridiculous.

Do any of you recognize how incredibly popular Jay-Z and Beyonce are? I don’t think you do. Let me explain: On The Run is the second highest grossing tour in the world. The advertising major in me cringed at how little they marketed the concert, and yet, they took over every artist in the world besides U2. Jay and Bey are empires. They’re involved in sports teams, fashion, dance, and production. If you can invest in it, they’ve done it.

This popularity brings me to an important question: with all eyes on them, how could they possibly hide an affair? I understand Beyonce hid her album from the world, but everybody involved in the creation of that had something major to gain from keeping it secret. The “Other Woman” home wrecker has millions of dollars to gain from revealing her affair with Jay-Z. I’m sure Beyonce and Jay-Z have an amazing PR team, but you have to be super-human to hide an affair with one of the most powerful men in America.

Let’s address my all time favorite piece of “evidence”: the elevator. Yes, Solange went a little crazy on Jay-Z in an elevator. But why is everyone’s immediate reaction him doing something to Beyonce specifically? He could have insulted Solange’s struggling music career, made a negative remark about her parenting or SAID something to Beyonce that Solange didn’t quite like. Families are dysfunctional, they fight, it’s normal, and when alcohol is involved, most people don’t have stable reasoning. Solange, Jay, Bey and that poor security guard are the only people who know what happened that night, so stop listening to news sources who were not there. Maybe the media should focus on how well Jay-Z reacted (not punching Solange’s lights out) instead of what caused her reaction.

Though recently Jay and Bey are very open about their love and respect for one another, that hasn’t always been the case. Both musicians readily expressed their apprehension with a public relationship because of all the negative attention celebrity couples receive. Oh, strange that the minute they go on a nation-wide tour together, the negativity begins to emerge in the media. That doesn’t make sense with anything they’ve been saying…

And if somebody who believes this gossip actually reads the “news” stories, they will be able to see their generic writing. It’s always a “source close to the couple.” But who is this source? Please tell me. Oh they’re on a tour together and they sometimes fight? SHOCKING. And for how much they supposedly hate each other, it seems a little outrageous they could hide this so well on stage. I went to the July 7th concert in Baltimore, Maryland, and they were extremely affectionate towards each other. My friend who went to the August 3rd  concert in Los Angeles reported seeing the same. And you all know Beyonce can’t act.

If I happen to be terribly wrong about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s undying love, I will be heartbroken. Ask any of my friends, they’re mentally preparing themselves for that day if it ever comes. But until then, I will view their relationship as I’ve always seen it –strong and admirable.

“Believe half of what you see. None of what you hear. Even if it’s spat by me” –Mr. Carter.



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