10 Women Poets That Will Speak To Your Inner Feminist

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Most of us grew up reading classics from women like Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson. However, modern issues come with modern poets, and these 10 poets tell it the way it is. They also dig into the reality of what it is like to be a woman. They paint a canvas with words that are sometimes raw. But these poets give us a voice and speak to our inner feminist.

Here are 10 female poets that’ll speak to your inner feminist:

1. Janne Robinson – This Is for the Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck

Janne Robinson wrote This is for the Women in 2015 and it went viral. Since then, Janne has written a collection of poems and created a company that supplies products which empower women. Her poems speak about female empowerment and what it is like to be a woman.

2. Amanda Lovelace – Women Are Some Kind of Magic Series

Women are Some Kind of Magic is a wonderful poetry series. Amanda Lovelace uses fairytales as metaphors to speak about how we deal with tough issues such as abuse, mental illness, love and hurt. Her poetry is short and to the point.

3. Blythe Baird – If My Body Could Speak

Blythe Baird is known for her powerful spoken word poetry. Her most viewed spoken word is When a Fat Girl Gets Skinny. Blythe writes about mental illness, eating disorders, sexual assault, and our relationships with our bodies and sexuality

4. Olivia Gatwood – Life of the Party

Another spoken word poet, Olivia Gatwood, is known for her works such as Manic Pixie Dream Girl and Ode to My Bitch Face. Her poetry is filled with rich details that tells us what it’s like being a woman. Her newest collection focuses on the violence the women endure in this world and she gives us a contemporary insight into modern day women issues.

5. Warsan Shire – Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth

Warsan Shire is a writer, poet, and activist. She was born to Somalian parents in Kenya and then migrated when she was a year old to England. Her poems speak about sensuality, displacement, and trauma.

6. Andrea Gibson – Take Me With You

Andrea Gibson is a poet and activist. Their poetry focuses on breaking gender norms, social issues, politics, and issues that LGBTQ+ people deal with in today’s society

7. Rupi Kaur – The Sun and Her Flowers

Rupi Kaur’s collection of poetry and illustrations is a masterpiece. She’s also a #1 best selling author. Each section of her poetry focuses on a theme which ranges from love, loss, trauma, femininity, healing, and revolution.

8. Amber Tamblyn – Free Stallion

You might know her best from her acting roles such as Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Joan of Arcadia, but Amber has several books and poetry collections as well. Her first one, Free Stallion, is geared towards young adults with a feminist point of view. 

9. Meggie Royer – Survival Songs

Meggie Royer speaks about the complex issues with physical and sexual abuse in her poetry book This Is the No You Never Heard, as well as grief and recovery. We find healing in her journey through her words. Moreover, she is the editor and chief of Persephone’s Daughters, which is a publication that empowers women. This organization also creates a safe space for women to unite and relate to each other through shared experiences.

10. Benna Twohy – Swallowtail

Brenna Twohy has three poetry books and is an award-winning poetry slam artist. Her collection of poetry deals with grief, healing and all the in-betweens.

It can be so powerful to relate to another person through shared experiences. These 10 authors capture such important stories and emotions in their poetry. I highly recommend you check these out.

Featured image from Ben White via Unsplash.


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