6 Summer Date Ideas For Both Your Friends And Your S.O.

Summer is approaching and the sun is shining. It’s time to start getting ready for long, relaxing days with your friends, family, or that new summer fling. However, since you’ve been swamped with school work for the last 8 months and finally have tons of free time, you’ve actually forgotten what fun actually is. Even with a summer job or summer activities, there is always downtime and who are you going to call when you don’t know what the heck to do with yourself, me! Duh! Here are two separate lists of date ideas and fun activities to do with you friends or summer loves.

Your friends are your ride or dies. While that summer fling deserves some cute dates, so do your friends!

  1. If you’re in a hot place, taking walks to grab snow cones is always a go to! It’s a great way to take cute Instagram pictures and cool off from that hot summer sun.


2. Summer is a great time to vibe, so why not grab some cheap concert tickets from StubHub and go on a little shopping spree for some cute clothes and have some fun.


3. When the night comes to an end and the week has been hectic, a little down time is great too. Rock, paper, scissors to see who’s place you will have a movie/wine night/sleepover at. You’re never too old to have a sleepover with your girlies.


Need some alone time with your new summer love? I have some fun ideas that cater to any type of relationship from the stage 1. “Just a crush”, to the 2. “I like you stage”, all the way to 3. “Dating”.

4. (Stage 1) Even if it sounds cliché, going to the Zoo or aquarium is a fun and casual date. You can dress comfortably and even get past awkward silences when passing all the cute animals together. RAWR.


5. (Stage 2) PLAY BALL! Summer is a great time to catch some fly balls and even feelings at a baseball game. The high energy and fun that comes along with this All American sport is a great place to clink a beer and intertwine your fingers in the box of peanuts or popcorn.


6. (Stage 3) Do you have a car? Do you have adventure rolling through your veins? If you said yes to both, I think you just agreed to a road trip! Road trips are very fun and a wonderful time to bond over throwback songs on Spotify and what’s better than exploring new places and eating new foods.


There is always so much to do in the summertime and what’s more memorable than making memories with your friends or new crushes. From sleepovers to road trips, make your summer adventurous. Don’t sit on your booty, get out there and start livin’!

Featured image via Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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