In 2020, I Hope You Cherish Yourself Above All Else

You’ve spent hours wishing for their love to return to you, feeling distraught as tears roll down your cheeks, wishing that you could find a reprieve from the pain of your broken heart. You’ve spent days lusting after the fractals of relationships past, chasing love that was never destined to survive. But in 2020, I hope you chase your own heart, letting go of those who don’t value your precious spirit, releasing the hurt of days gone by, cherishing yourself above all else.

In 2020, I hope you are strong enough to walk away.

I hope you recognize the hurt your heart has endured, the pain that leaves you stranded, wishing for painless love. I hope you let go of the harsh words that ignite pain in your heart, the vindictive gestures that leave you feeling hopeless. And moreover, I hope you trust yourself to say goodbye to those who never chase you back, refusing to linger in a sea of heartache, bidding your salty tears farewell as you step into a life of love and happiness.

In 2020, I hope you live for your own happiness.

I hope you cherish every moment that makes your cheeks flush with joy, your eyes widen with anticipation, your lips gloss with exuberance. I hope you spread your lust for life but refuse to compromise your sanity, releasing your grip on the ones who drain your spirit, rediscovering the passions that fulfill your heart. And moreover, I hope you indulge in life’s simple pleasures, filling your heart with gratitude, reminding yourself of the beauty of being alive.

In 2020, I hope you find true love with yourself.

I hope you learn to value yourself above all else, protecting your soft heart, saving your sacred soul, patiently waiting for the one who will shower you with the love you truly deserve. I hope you rediscover your own beauty, adoring the way your eyes shimmer in the moonlight, your skin soaks up the sunlight, your hair tangles in the wind. And moreover, I hope you celebrate all you have to offer the world, relishing in your unexplored potential, savoring your unmatched strength and talent, recognizing your deep capacity for love, letting your own love envelop you.

You spent 2019 chasing after them, lusting after love that was never meant to last, wishing that they would return to you, praying that they would somehow heal your heart. But in 2020, I hope you chase your own heart, learning to step away from the pain, rediscover your desires, and fall in love with your precious heart again.

Previously published on Thought Catalog.

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