7 Celebrity Crushes Our Moms Had During The 80’s

My mom and her girlfriends were reminiscing about their youth the other day and then the celebrity crush discussion broke through. It was actually a hilarious topic because most women who are within 10 years of each other all still had the same crushes. This got me curious, so I started doing my research. And well, looks like our mothers can’t judge us for the crushes we had when we were younger.

Scott Baio

He starred on several shows during our mothers younger years like Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi. This precious face was all over Tiger Beat magazine and bedrooms of women everywhere! He was one of my mom’s biggest crushes… And ironically sort of looks like how my dad did when he was younger.

Willie Aames

If you were into a blondie with a pair of piercing blue eyes, Willie Aames was for you. He got his big break as the heartthrob on the 80’s classic, Eight is Enough and Charles in Charge. In later years you could find him on shows like Celebrity Rehab. Luckily he’s kicked his bad addictions and transformed into a “dapper gentlemen” (or at least that’s what the internet says about his aging). *shivers*

Patrick Swayze

Okay, Swayze was a total babe. I could actually see why he was considered such a stud back in the day and why so many women were so upset when he died. (My mom went around my house crying going “Oh, Patrick” as if she knew him personally). If I was around during his prime, I would definitely want to be dirty dancing with him too.

Jon Bon Jovi

If we could give an award to the longest and loyal crushes, Mr. Bon Jovi himself would win, hands down. How many older women do you know that loved him back in the early years of his career that are just as obsessed with him now!? And he still wears the tight pants! He was the original bad boy with a kind heart that every woman desired and still does.

Donny Osmond

One of the original child stars to make it big, he and his famous family were sensations for their triple-threat talents. He was a huge hit with the ladies for his voice, cute face and swoon-worthy personality. He was also one of the first male celebrities to be made into a Barbie. Clearly, he knew where his market stood.

George Michael

Forget the little boys mentioned earlier in this article. When our moms grew to be late teenagers and young women, George became their sexy adult crush. Looking back you laugh because of his outlandish style and hair, but that was the 80’s and he defined the decade in every trend. Much like Patrick Swayze, when their beloved George died, the world was an emotional wreck because they weren’t expecting to lose such a huge part of their childhood.

Our moms can brag to us all they want about how awesome the 80’s were, and I’ll always admit they had the best music. But the men, that’s for us to individually decide.

Featured Image via Dirty Dancing


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