5 Design Ideas To Enhance Your Bedroom Decor

Having an idyllic nest inside of your house or apartment is something most people dream of. A bedroom is the most personal space in the place you live, and, usually, it’s hidden from guests. It totally belongs to you and associates with sleep, relaxation, and tranquility.  This is why we tend to decorate our spaces with soft colours and complementing blockout curtains. A bedroom has to inspire you and be a shelter from the outside world. But it will work only if the decor of this space matches your individuality. You don’t need to have decorating skills to make your room look fabulous. All you have to do is follow these helpful tips to create your personal heaven.

Eclectic Bedroom Decor

Color your life with a bright combination of a few styles. An eclectic design unites all the things that you love and lets your imagination spread its wings. You can masterfully combine Mediterranean, classic, ethnic, and retro styles to create outstanding decor. Mix accessories you brought home from your journeys – it doesn’t matter which period they reflect. But if you don’t want to make chaos in your bedroom, you may want to choose a single color palette.

Here are the accessories you can use for the eclectic cozy bedroom decor ideas.

  • Vintage rugs and chandeliers
  • Retro curtains
  • Decorative pillows
  • Fancy pictures.

Bring More Flowers to Your Day

Are you an inspired garden lover but can’t have many plants at home? Add some printed flowers and leaves to your decor! Start with aquarelle wallpapers and textiles on your bed. Using pictures featuring flowers or curtains containing botanical elements is also a good idea.  If you don’t want your floral room decor to be too patchy, combine these details with pallet colors or cover some walls with non-printed wallpapers. Use neutral accessories to make the entire look harmonic.

Rustic Style

Your bedroom may look just as if you live in a country-side even if you’re based in a metropolis. Wooden elements, a four-poster bed, a rocking-chair, bed layering, pillows, and a heavy side-table or chest of drawers  will make the difference. Add neutral curtains and you will have achieved perfect western bedroom decor.

The Minimalist Touch

Big bedroom decor may seem to be harder to create because you have to think of how to fill the entire space. The deal is you don’t have to! If you are  lucky enough to have a big bedroom, you have to appreciate it. But remember that this room has to be a welcoming space where you can relax and spend more time than anywhere else in your home. A minimalist style is a perfect option for that kind of space. Choose light pastel dyes and a few colorful or dark accessories to create an ideal backdrop. White textiles, natural lightning, a minimalist bedside table, books, and a few prints will perfectly fit this style. Last but not least, pick a good blind, like those from Blind-style to complete the whole look and feel of your bedroom.

The Zen Den

Asian decor has become extremely popular recently, and here are a few  ideas to inspire you and move in a proper direction. This style lets you freely use different colors: red, purple, black, brown, deep pink, golden lines, and orange touches. Asian bedroom decor ideas are also minimalistic decor ideas, that’s why you won’t have to look for many additional accessories. This style provides a therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere with open space options.  Bamboo window-blinds, Chinese pictures or vases, and a potted orchid or bonsai are the design elements that will bring perfection to this decor.

A bedroom should be a  place where you can feel safe and relaxed. You should come into this room and leave all your  troubles behind its walls; only here you can totally relax and take a rest. Choose any of the best bedroom decor ideas to create a special place which will become your personal shelter. Which interior design style do you prefer?

Featured image via Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash



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