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5 Reasons A Calm Breakup Makes Your Ex Want You Back


Relationships don’t always end in “happily ever after.” And when a relationship breakup happens, our first reaction is usually panic.

Your partner blindsided you. They yanked the rug out from underneath you, leaving you feeling completely rejected. You just can’t stay calm!

If you are going through a breakup right now, it may be time to take a short break from your emotions.

Here are 5 reasons to stay calm after a breakup: 

1. You have plenty of time.

You don’t have to win your partner back today.

If you have been dating this person for more than a couple of months, the odds are in your favor that they won’t be able to move on quickly.

Even if your ex wants out of your relationship for good, they are still going to require time to find emotional balance and healing before they can even think of finding love with someone else.

So while completely understandable, the panic you may feel about your ex moving on with someone else is unnecessary. As long as the two of you are living, there is hope that you might be able to reunite.

For all you know, this breakup could end up being a blip on the radar in a lifetime of true love.

2. Your emotions are understandable.

Your now-ex has become even more attractive in your eyes because they pulled away. They have made themselves seem untouchable, so that may make you want them even more.

So many people want to break up only to desperately want their partner back — simply because their significant other left them first.

Understand that part of why you feel the way you do right now is the “hard-to-get” phenomenon. You may not necessarily want your ex as badly as you think you do.

3. Distance may make your ex re-think the breakup.

If you stay away and allow your ex to truly experience their heartbreak, they might realize they can’t live without you. However, if you text them, call them, and beg them to come back, you aren’t fully allowing them to see what life is like without you.

If you believe your relationship was a good for you, back away — and give your ex the opportunity to miss you.

It sounds simple, but you might be surprised to learn that this one strategy is often all it takes to make your ex come crawling back.

Respecting boundaries also shows your ex-partner that you’re mature and considerate person, which is attractive in its own right.

4. Avoiding drama prevents stress.

Making your breakup a constant source of stress gives your ex reasons to stay away from you.

If your ex remembers how poorly you acted when you two broke up, they might not want to risk going through all of the same drama again.

If you keep the breakup calm and show maturity when you don’t get your way, you can allow the focus to be on the relationship itself.

This flips the tables on your ex: You become the one who appears to be somewhat untouchable.

When you don’t reach out or contact your ex, they may experience separation anxiety. Since you aren’t chasing them, they’re left wondering what you’re doing without them. They have to actually consider the possibility that they may have blown their relationship with you.

This realization that you gave them the breakup they thought they wanted can have powerful results.

5. You save yourself from emotional storms.

I’m not saying you won’t hurt from this breakup, but if you know that you’re giving yourself the best chance possible to get your ex back, you’re going to feel more peace and less hopelessness.

I hope you don’t see a reason to go back to panicking. Handling your breakup calmly will be better for you in the long run.

Originally written by Lee Wilson on YourTango.

Featured Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash.



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