Why You Should Make 2018 The ‘Year Of Growth’

The past year I have experienced an overwhelming amount of change in the positive direction. I’m lucky to have reached my goals for the previous year, and I only hope this year I can be equally as successful.

Although I dubbed 2017 the “Year of Me”, I believe this year should follow with the same title, only slightly altered. 2018 will also be known as the “year of growth.” I want to take what I learned last year and continue to grow on those new traits I developed and maintain consistency with my life.

This year I want to continue with the “it’s out of my hands” mentality. I’ve spent so much time focusing on how things are my fault and I’ve finally realized that sometimes there are things we can’t control. I need to take a step back and let everything sort out because I can’t always change it.

Enough is enough of putting pressure on myself or allowing others to put pressure on me. There is no rush with the direction of my life I wish to go in, and there is no timeline for when things need to be done. My mentality will always remain, “it happens when it happens,” and I hope that I continue to be more comfortable with the steadiness in my life until those large lifestyle changes occur.

Another huge goal this year for myself is to understand that even if my life isn’t experiencing an overwhelming amount of changes, it doesn’t mean it won’t. We often fall into the familiar pattern we are used to and it can be very difficult to see past our frustration. What I am doing today is only helping me more down the road when it actually matters and I become 100% independent.

This year I want to continue to do things to break out of my comfort zone.

If it doesn’t affect my career in a negative way or cause me to financially struggle, I want to do it. I’ve lived in my safety bubble for so long and there’s no room for growth if I stay in that conformed space.

I would love to make new memories with my best friends as they begin their new journey in adulthood. I know the struggle they are about to endure as they embark on the unknown of their futures, and I want to be the support for them that I needed when I first started in the adult world. I want to help give them opportunities for memories we never could have done before and I want to make them count.

I think it’s important to take our life experiences and grow from them. It’s cheesy to say that we should live life with no regrets, but I don’t believe in that necessarily. Sure, we make decisions we regret, but we learn from them more than if we didn’t do it in the first place.

The “year of growth” will definitely be another one of my greatest years and I hope that I accomplish my dreams and goals. Even if things stay the same as last year, I know that I’m still maintaining the lessons and self growth I experienced last year, and I know I learned something from my past struggles.

Here’s to new beginnings in 2018!

Feature image via Pexels


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