Why Your Mistakes Don’t Make You A Bad Person

It’s easier to jump the gun on what someone is all about, rather than taking the time to get to know the real them. It’s simple to stand back and look at a situation, without any other factors at play, and make a judgement call rather than get the facts. It’s safer to keep your distance from the truth, because, well… Is it really what you want to hear?

This is dedicated to every person who wishes they could take a little piece of their past back. That piece that you’re not so proud of; the piece you’re a little ashamed of, the piece that makes you question what kind of a person you were, and the piece that makes you wonder how different things would be, if you could go back in time.

Stop being so reluctant to accept the fact that you’re human. The harsh reality of this fact is that even when we make those mistakes, life does go on, with or without you. It’s normal to feel remorse over a wrongdoing, but you can’t dwell on the past and fall victim to the pit of guilt because that’s something that you’ll carry over the years.

There will be people in your life that make you face the consequences of your past actions, and those are the people you thank. If they want to point fingers and be a constant reminder of your past mistakes, that says more about them than it does you. Because you should be trying to move on and make a better person out of yourself. You should take that life lesson and be better than the day before. That’s all any of us can really do. We strive to be these perfect beings with minimal flaws, to attract other people and the “right” crowd, but that’s not real. It’s not you. And it’s certainly not human.

When you take off your makeup, throw up your hair, and pull those sweats on at the end of the day, you have to be able to like what’s underneath, completely naked. Forget about everyone who is judging you, or sees nothing but weakness in you. Look forward, and discover all the new ways you can make tomorrow, a better yesterday. While those people are still swirling in the thought of your misstep, you’ll be ahead of the game by accepting responsibility and moving on with your life.

Thing is, people come and go. Over the years you lose friends due to falling-outs, disagreements, envy, jealousy… the list goes on and on. The small few who are in it for the long haul, will have the ability to accept your flaws, accept that you’re human and that you’re capable of more than what people give you credit for. And you’ll continue to surprise them.

These critics in your life like to think they’re the ones deciding the punishment that best suits the “crime”, by ensuring you’re well aware of what you’ve done, and the shame and guilt that you should be feeling. What they fail to remember is that, since we are human, most of us have the emotional capacity to feel our faults. We have to wake up trying to find ways to be a better version of ourselves. We have to get out of bed and remember that we aren’t awful human beings. We try to rise above every goddamn day because without the hope that we could, in fact, be better people than the day before, would mean give in to what everyone’s thoughts are about us. We let them win. 

The truth is, we all make mistakes that were not proud of; it’s inevitable. But accepting those mistakes and learning from them is what makes us better people. Growing from our past mistakes, rather than allowing them to become a part of who we are.

All of us are such fascinating, beautiful, and exceptionally extraordinary human beings and we have the ability to be imperfect. So embrace that with everything you have. Be happy that we can say we have these experiences to learn from, to guide us, and a past that makes us, us.

It’s so much easier to love yourself when you come to the actualization that all we can ever do in this life, is try.

All we can ever do is put our best foot forward, and genuinely try to be a better version of ourselves. All we can ever do, is fight like hell to make the people we care about, see the real us. And if that’s still not enough to make them overlook our faults, then that’s one less person in our lives that we have to worry about pleasing.

So keep your dirt on the surface, your head held high, forgive yourself and continue looking forward for better things to come, because it’s just a matter of time when they will.

Featured image via Bruno Maceiras on Pexels



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