To The Guy Who Never Gives The Good Girl A Chance

This is to the guy that slipped through my fingers, because he didn’t want to take a chance on me;

That got my hopes up, and in turn let me fall back on my own, because I was his game and he got bored;

That asked me out, but then was too busy to follow through, because I wasn’t worth of his spare time;

That stayed in contact, but would disappear when he got too close, because he didn’t want to be that serious;

That admitted he had feelings, but never took the time to show them, because he didn’t want to make time for it;

That let me see the good side of him, and then let me crash into the dark side, because he didn’t want to admit he wasn’t made of stone;

That made me open myself up in ways I didn’t think I could anymore, but was busy shutting himself off from doing the same, because he didn’t want to get hurt too;

That gave me such a temporary high, just to bring me to such a deep low, because he didn’t realize he could get to me like that;

That felt I was good enough for a sleepover, but not a night out on the town, because that would be admitting there could be a future;

That may read this and question if it’s about him, because there are so many more of you, than there are of us;

This is to all the guys out there that are not giving girls chances, but complain that they can’t find one, because they are too scared to take a chance;

They say that good guys only get crazy girls, because that is what they want the world to believe;

That are toying with girls emotions, because they aren’t exactly sure what they want;

That don’t think before they speak, because they are more concerned about themselves instead of someone else;

That think they can find better, because the attention we give them boosts their ego;

That are just looking for attention, because they think it is better than actually taking the chance on someone;

That think they know what they are doing, but really have no idea;

That think they know her, instead of trying to learn, because all of us “good” girls are all the same;

To all the guys out there that haven’t taken a chance on a girl, because they think they know better;

From all of us good girls, you missed out.

You will not find better. This is why you are alone. We would have given you a second chance.

Don’t mess up on the next one, if there is a next one. We are worth the risk.

From all of us good girls, f*ck you.

Featured image via Olya Kobruseva on Pexels


  1. We do take chances on all of you but in the end we always get rejected.
    You want us to take a chance after a 99% failure rate?
    Most of us would DIE for a good girl in this day and age.
    How about y’all ask us out for a change.
    Most of us are sick of being REJECTED by the good girls

  2. Your closing sentence reveals you’re not a “good” girl. Your vile language betrays your immaturity, desperation, and desire to use men to get attention and status among your girlfriends.

    There are no good girls.

    We are no longer pursuing, as you have no long-term value. And no, I don’t sleep with women either, although many of you have tried to trap me that way.

    Women will never admit they aren’t pursued because they have nothing of value to offer men. Instead the blame the men. This is like a grocer who tries to sell spoiled and rotten produce, then blames the customers for not buying.

    You’ll have to get over yourselves and pursue us for a change. But we aren’t paying attention anymore, so you’ll really have to sincerely try. But I doubt you will. Oh well, works out better for the men anyway if you’re not around.

  3. Amen John u tell them.. I couldn’t said it better myself… If she’s going to cuss like that In the end. I’d never want a girl like that.. not ever. She can go and blank herself. For all I care. Rather be single than with a girl like that.

  4. It’s a shame girls like that out there. They think there all high and mighty.. got news for them. They ain’t. Amen. Preach on. Time them girls see. There not all that. .. God it’s better to be single than to be with a girl like that……

  5. So from all of us good guys.. no f..k you Honey. Cause id rather be alone than ask a girl like you out. . Besides we want a woman, not a little girl like your a.s. go sit on that one for a while. See how good those apples grab you.. heck a chap like you. Deserves to be single. Don’t deserve one of us great men. Ya Sawed off white trash..

  6. Amen brother .. I couldn’t have said it better myself. She needs bout a paragraph of worst cus words you ever heard. Probably a 2 bit trailer trash that can’t find no man who wants her.

  7. She needs a paragraph of worst cus words you ever heard. Probably a 2 bit trailer trash that can’t find a man to want her a.s. her butt deserves to be single


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