10 Disney Villain Quotes That Are Beyond Relatable As An Adult

When we were younger and watching Disney movies, we hated the villains. From Cinderella’s really mean step-mother to Scar killing Mufasa, we could not forgive their sins! However, now that we are older, when we look back on some of the things these villains said or did, we can see that we actually agree with some things they are saying. If you don’t get what I am saying, don’t worry, here are 10 examples of quotes from Disney villains that you can probably identify with now that you are older.

  1. Life is full of some Tough Choices

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Remember when Ursula told us that life is full of tough choices? Yeah same, because now that I am older, life is definitely full of some tough choices. From figuring out what the hell I want to do with my life, to finding a job, to paying for everything, and finding romance, life is full of some dang hard choices.

  1. No Invitation To That Event Everyone Else Is Going To

Have your close friends ever all hung out and not told you? Did you not get an invite to that neighbourhood party? Maybe Maleficent went a little overboard by putting the princess in a permanent sleep, but hey, I would be upset over not receiving an invitation to something I want to go to as well!

  1. Or, if you do get the invitation, but it isn’t somewhere you actually want to go

It is plain and simple, there are places you do want to go and people you do want to hangout with, but there are also places you don’t want to go with people that you hate. It isn’t like we are in grade 1 again here where you HAVE to attend Susie’s birthday party. Nope, we are adults, and we won’t waste any precious time doing things that we don’t want to.

  1. You start to notice how stupid people are

When you are a child, you don’t always notice how unintelligent people around you are. However, when you are older, especially as a student, you start to notice all of the stupid that is around you. Whether it is other students, family or friends, or the president of the United States (Trump), you start to realize how dumb people are and how impatient you are with dealing with them.

  1. When you are trying to get that hook-up at the club

Why can’t it just be this simple? “This is how our night is gonna go, so let’s get to it.” Too bad it takes a lot more than how Hades puts it here.

  1. Oh, and don’t forget this advice when you are trying to hook-up

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Oh yes, Ursula, we know now that we are older what you meant, and we couldn’t agree more.

  1. Having zero patience for people anymore

Now that you are an adult, you start to realize how little patience you have for certain people. Sometimes it is a little hard to control our anger against them too. So,“Off with their heads!”

  1. When everyone you know is getting married, buying houses, and having kids, and you are still a poor student eating KD

It’s not that we aren’t happy for you, it’s that we just aren’t really happy for you!

  1. When you find out your friends have been snaking you

It hurts when a good friend does something behind your back, but when you get older, you tend to have a nonchalant attitude and just cut ties with that person. By the time you are in your twenties, you have probably gone through so many friends that one more just doesn’t seem like a huge loss. Just another betrayal to add to the list.

  1. When that friend tries to come back and apologize

Yep, I am with Yzma on this one. You probably should have thought about what you were doing before you did it. Just like stupid people and your temper, you don’t have the same amount of patience as an adult, so bye.

Overall, these Disney villains did do some terrible things such as murder and attempted murder, but you have to admit, they have certain characteristics that we can relate to as adults. They may not be good people, but it’s not our fault that growing up just changes us in negative ways!  

Feature image via Disney’s Hercules


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